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  • dibboid

    I had a 54 plate scenic for about 5-6yrs. Tbh it was a dull car to drive the body roll and handling was awful comparable to driving a blancmange. The engine however (I did my research about Renault 1.9dci engines popping turbos around 80-120k) I opted for the 1.5dci which was very cheap to tax and insure.

    Both front dropped to the deck without warning (a common problem which I’m shocked hasn’t already been mentioned is a £250 fix with dealer or £20 if you buy the bits off ebay and fix yourself! (Also had to fix neighbors scenic and moda window).

    The car in general didn’t give me many problems but I got rid as it started to play up. The electric handbrake was being very unpredictable if it was off and popped up with a fault your park brake was not going to activate! If it was on and it flagged a fault on start up then it wasn’t going to come off! leave it for a hour go back and it was fine! This was a dealer only fix and was gonna cost £700! The car was only worth £750!

    I now have a Zafira 1.9 CDTI Design 150Bhp and love it! I always had Vauxhall before this French experience and I won’t be going back! HTH

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)

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