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  • Removing icloud from a "device"
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    For some reason my better half has decided to add her icloud account to her work phone. This means that she has buggered up both her work phone so that it isn’t operating as though its attached to her work, and her personal phone because she’s receiving messages on that as well.
    Is it simply a matter of deleting all references to her icloud account from her work phone, even the one where the warning says something like you won’t be able to receive imessages on any device?
    Obviously, the easy answer is that she takes it to her IT people tomorrow and they’ll start it from scratch again and then not allow her access to any of the “ooh, I wonder what this does” opportunities.


    I’ve already made sure people can’t do this on their iPhones at work.

    However, for those of you with crap IT staff you should be able to go to settings->iCloud and turn all the iCloud settings off.


    Done that, however imessages still go to her personal phone.
    I think its time fir her to go to her friendly, neighbourhood work ITman tomorrow.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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