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  • Red Letter Style of day – Goldsmith??
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    I have an old gold chain that I gave to my wife during our honeymoon. It has stretched over time and is no longer any use as a chain. I have replaced the chain for £160 and I asked for a quote to melt the old chain and turn it in to a small round pendant with the date on of our wedding engraved/stamped on it. Quote was £450.00 😯

    I have asked for justification of the price (maybe there is just not enough raw material to do it), but wondered how difficult it would be to DIY a repair 😉

    Once I have tried and failed at that idea maybe I could do one of these experience days to get some help/instruction, but my google foo is poor today and I can’t find one online (just lots of people offering to buy my gold or sell me a chain

    Has anyone done anything like this? If so, can you give me any pointers?


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