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  • Do some of you have …. Tracking issues ?

    stay away from Wanli tyres no matter how cheap you are

    noisy as f***!

    and I don’t want to get anywhere near the limits on these. thankfully I drive like an old fart so probably never will

    ! I took the car (2006 Citroen C4 1.6 petrol) in to the garage for emergency oil diagnostics recently. After changing the oil & oil filter, they did a test drive & thought the wheel bearings were well & truly fubarred, so they checked – no problem with wheel bearings, just noisy tyres

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    Yeah, Wanli’s are noisy 🙂 Still got one on the back though it’s time is nearly up. It’s done 33k on there though…


    On the Toyos I thought they were quite mushy on my mx5 had to run them at a higher psi

    I have run Falken ZE912 on mine with good results, good performance all round and cheaper than the ‘big’ brands.


    After all the “it’s your only contact with the road”, “it could be a child’s face next time”, etc etc scaremongering I bought uniroyal rain-experts. Then this happened within 500 miles.

    Track use by any chance? If so did you remember to increase pressures to support the sidewall (it’s only stiff sidewall R rated tyres that have pressure reduced as they heat up).

    Otherwise I’d go with the tyre compound being/going off for some reason (storage conditions, manufacturing issue).


    Remember tyre performance is weight and drive specific, what works well on a heavy RWD may not suit a light FWD (chooose your own comparions). As a decent middle of the road (hee, hee) tyre I’ve used Yokohama A-Drive’s before with great results on light-medium weight FWD cars.

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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