Recommend me some flat pedals that may or may not win me medals…

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  • Recommend me some flat pedals that may or may not win me medals…
  • PrinceJohn

    As above, I had a quick search, but the top threads are about 8 years old (I really don’t get on with the new search function).

    So what’s the current flavour of the month?

    Hob Nob

    Nukeproof Horizon Comps are great. Has taken me nearly 2 years to terminally kill a set by smashing them into rocks. I have a set of OneUp Composite pedals on another bike which don’t feel as nice as the Np pedals due to a lack of concave, but are still good & look like they might take a hit better.

    Just replaced the above NP pedals with the Composite Burgtecs, which feel nice as they have a good concave, size & shape.

    I won’t ever buy a metal pedal again 🙂

    I thought my Superstar Nano Evo were grippy til I tried the OH’s DMR Vaults. Ye gods they’re lethal!


    I’m a bit of a fan of SuperStar Components Nano stuff myself.


    100% DMR Vaults, followed by Nukeproof Electrons but the vaults really are the best grip you can get combined with five tens. Nice and easy to do a basic service on and you can get a simple tool to knock the bearings out once they need replacing.

    Premier Icon dissonance

    I would join in the vote for vaults. That said havent tried many others recently.

    +1 for DMR Vaults.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Burgtec. Ti axle if you are flush (£150), steel axle (£100) if not, composite if skint (£40)

    Premier Icon rossburton

    I’m a big fan of the Superstar Nano, easy to strip down and grease/replace bearings/etc. But those new Burgtec composites do look good!

    Hob Nob

    I should also clarify, DMR Vaults – great feel let down by rubbish bearing & bushing life. Every pair i’ve seen has sounded like cheap, rattling mess, mine included 🙂


    At OP maximum respect for the ‘thousands of rhymes inside your mind, hit the button on recall etc etc…’.

    Premier Icon dogbone

    Hope F20 for me. Bought Sept 2016, with no maintenance, and still running lovely.

    Had various Superstar & Nukeproof ones before that.

    Premier Icon snapperdan

    I used to ride DMRs and they served me well, plenty of grip.

    Now I ride Burgtec Penthouse and I prefer the feel and grip.

    They’re also more durable than the DMRs they replaced – not lost a single pin!


    At OP maximum respect for the ‘thousands of rhymes inside your mind, hit the button on recall etc etc…’.

    Feel like I need to try & continue on my theme now!

    Thanks for all the suggestions – I quite like the look of the burgtec composite ones, how do v12s compare to the vaults?

    Premier Icon bowglie

    Another vote for Vaults.  I’ve got a couple of pairs of Superstar pedals, but prefer the larger more concave shape of the Vaults.  Only thing with Vaults is that I’ve found they need pulling apart and regreasing a couple of times a year – really simple job, but still a bit of a PIA if you’re short on time (my LBS don’t charge much to do it:)) Really like the shape and indestructible feel of Burgtec Penthouse, but find they run too close to the crank arms for my big plates.  I’ve also got some Specialized Boomslangs, which are hugely grippy for really rough trails – nice shape, but a total PIA to service (Specialized specific tool recommended).

    Premier Icon joebristol

    My favourite flat that I’ve tried are the Superstar Nano Evos. Very very grippy and lasting well so far.

    Second are the Carbon Cycle Exotic alloy pedals. Again with my usual 5-10’s they’re very grippy (only marginally less than the Nano’s but not noticeable unless you’re looking for it) and I’ve had them a chunk longer time and they’ve survived lots of rock strikes and general abuse. They’ve had no maintenance yet. One of the axle seals looks a little sorry for itself but the bearings are still very smooth. A rebuild kit is about a tenner I think.

    In last place are my Wellgo mg-1’s – nothing massively wrong with them and them and they’re so so light – just they’re smaller and have less grip than the above 2 sets of pedals. Also heard painted (where the other pedals are anodised) and they looked scruffier quicker.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    V12 Mags for me. Slightly narrower profile than a vault and a lot cheaper.

    Vaults. SO comfy with a really nice concave shape. Hob nob is right though they do need servicing more often than I would like. I find the bearing lasts fine it’s just the bushing which is crap but you can’t buy just the bushing 🙁



    I like my Vaults, but the rebuild kit is more expensive than for the Nukeproof plastic ones I also have. And I needed new axles so ordered a pair, but in the pack were two left ones. I’ll get there in the end…

    Anyhow I don’t think I could justify the cost of new Vaults over plastics (mine were on a bike I got secondhand).

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Nukeproof Neutron. Ive not worn a pair out yet, but if i do i won’t bother rebuilding, just bin them and buy a new pair the same.

    Nukeproof Horizons win all the tests and are the best all rounders IMO.



    Allways impressed with vaults till my new bike came with Hope. Good god they grip. Bloody lethal though as my shins and calfs will show.


    Vaults feel lovely, but as above, the bushes at the crank end go quite quick.

    New bushes (only) are available from a proper bearing supplier easily enough for not much £££.

    I modified mine with a greaseport near the outer end of the axle, maybe 5 years ago, and bar an occasional squirt of grease haven’t touched them since.


    Superstar Nano’s here which I really like as they can be serviced in 20 minutes and all the parts are available. Vaults are fine – no issue with those but like joebristol I’ve got to say that value for money you can’t beat the Wellgo MG1’s, 8 years old now and never been taken apart despite daily use.

    Premier Icon jonnym92

    Vaults were good, though required maintenance as said above.
    Have had Burgtecs on my bikes for a few years now, only needed to service a pair once.


    Following this thread with interest as also need some flats.

    Anyone tried crankbrothers stamp pedals?

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    My SuperstarNano and Delta mags have been epic but I tried CB Stamps and the OneUp pedals recently and either of those will be my next purchase.

    17 Flat Pedals Tested & Reviewed


    Spank Oozy trail pedals for me. I have 3 sets now on 3 bikes. absolutely love them. Love the idea of maintaining a large inboard bearing flush with the crank – allowing a super thin platform but without requiring tiny bearings that fall apart. Not the only company to do this but the best I have found. Also superb grip, lightweight and reasonable money. the silver ones are virtually impervious to scuffs too.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    I have a couple of pairs of the small Stamps that I got cheap when they were being sold off. First impressions are that they grip well and fit my small feet. Will need to see what a winter in the Peak do for reliability. These are to replace my Specialized Mag Pros which just kept going for years and years without any fettling at all.

    Best for grip by far that I have used are Boomslangs but they are too big for my feet, we do have the servicing tool that’s needed to get into them.

    We have a pair of Burgtec that don’t get used as no one thinks they grip anywhere as good as the others, if they hadn’t been bought as a present they would have been sold by now.

    Van Halen

    nukeproof plastic jobbies for me. the square ones not the horizon ones. (electrons?)

    although i`ve gone bling and have some burgtec composites (council flats) to try. only just recieved than so not fitted yet.

    Premier Icon uberpod

    Raceface Chester?
    Had mine over a year – done nothing to them and no noticeable difference from when they were new.
    Haven’t tried any others.

    Premier Icon st colin

    Just bought a new pair of the Burgtec Mk4 composite. My Nukeproof Electrons finally died after 2 and a bit years of abuse. Could never justify the extra cost of metal pedals. These Mk4’s have replaceable axles which is nice for longevity.

    Premier Icon moonsaballoon

    Loved my old vaults but they were a bit fragile , changed to nano’s as they were cheaper than a vault rebuild kit .

    Recently got myself a new bike and treated it to a set of burgtecs based on the reputation of reliability , they feel really solid and nice on the feet and grip well enough for me .

    Nano’s were fine but there was a difference in feel to the vaults and burgtecs , but then they are way cheaper .

    If i was buying now i reckon i would go for the plastic burgtecs , if they feel and last the same as the steel ones why spend more

    Just remembered how much I love Vaults. I’ve been using them since they came out so what’s that, 8 or 9 years?

    By far the best feeling, most comfortable pedal I’ve ever had. They can be noisy but it’s so easy to pop the axle out and fill them with grease. Cheap bushes can be had from eBay or local bearing supplier. Never bought one of the overpriced dmr kits yet.

    I won’t change unless something significantly better comes out.

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    I’m hoping Burgtecs will be my holy grail of feel and low maintenance. Ordered the alloy version from 18 Bikes days before the plastic ones were announced but I think I would go for shiny alloy anyway

    Pedals I’ve used

    Superstar Nano X – good for the money but not the best feel and go through bushes

    OneUp alloy – work well, bearings last well and are nice to replace when the time comes. Masses of grip, I had to shorten the pins to reduce it, but I’m not 100% happy with the feel. I  feel like I’m standing on the pins is the best way I can describe it

    Gammut Podium – I really like these. Light, nice feel and the bearings last. The grip is just right for me. Negatives, they came with alloy pins that are fine until you ride somewhere rocky then they are doomed. £15 of stainless pins sorts that but replacing the bearings looks like being a bit of a pain when it has to be done

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    Ti axle if you are flush

    I shied away from Ti as I was worried maybe it wasn’t the best material to run in a bushing. Am I being silly?


    I had the Nukeproof Horizon Sam Hill ones for half a year. Really liked the grip and feel. The only gripe about them is that I keep eating pins away and the threads on the alloy body start to die.

    The grub pins on the sides sometimes are pulled away stripping the threads.
    The through pins (nothing more than standard metric screws) get damaged and then hurt the threads when being unscrewed. PIA to have to cut them and then remove the remaining.

    For this reason I might try plastic pedals in the future, the pins are generally held by standard replaceable nuts. New Burgtec Penthouse are tempting


    The Deity TMAC is the best pedal on the planet. They are very grippy and come in adult size.

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    Straitline Defacto for me. 14 pins for max grip.

    I should also clarify, DMR Vaults – great feel let down by rubbish bearing & bushing life. Every pair i’ve seen has sounded like cheap, rattling mess, mine included 🙂

    Yup, made of cheese, brilliant when new, shite soon after.

    Burgtec are best I’ve tried, not tried the composite ones though.

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