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  • tinsy

    Not sure where Jedi off here is based, but he gets rave reviews.

    Member is over on the North York Moors Gisburn and just south of the Dales…

    Both have a really good rep…

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Ed Oxley – Great Rock ( is very well regarded and is local ish to you.




    don't know how to recomend him highly enough other than i love biking even more than before.

    Try Bob & Ally @ Campbell coaching, based in Ruthin, N Wales, they'll travel across to where ever you like or they'll suggest somewhere? They'll do everything from the basics to jumps and drops. Bob's real good at tailoring the course to suit skill levels and if it's a girls course Ally's awesome at inspiring confidence – and showing you thats girls can kick ass too ;o)

    you should be able to mail them on this">

    if that doesn't work mail me and i'll pass you on Bob's number…



    I did a group course with Ed Oxley, and he was a top bloke, very patient. His course changed my riding and really improved my confidence.

    I'm planning on going on another course with him soonish.

    We've just this minute added dates for 4 skills days to be held in the Peak District ( Whaley Bridge area, rather than our base in Wales). Details can be found at



    No experience of him but I'm going to book a day with Ed at Great Rocks – based at Gisburn Forest and Lee Quarry – both an easy drive from Manchester

    He seems to get a lot of decent feedback from people who've been on his training days are really good, based in pickering, Dalby forest & North Yorkshire moors on the door step. Plus great B&B.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Another vote for the man with the worlds largest beard…

    Spot, on, patient, and really, really approachable.

    You won't go wrong IMHO.

    Same has to be said for Tony ( Jedi…)

    ( Apart from the beard of course….)


    Nigel Page is very good with all levels of rider, from beginner to world cup level DH racer. He is particularly good at transfering what he knows to other riders so that they learn new skills. He is based on the Wirral and travels to his clients, although you end up paying travel costs.

    Nigel Page Racing

    Premier Icon Esme

    I'm looking for the right combination of instructor and location, for a one-to-one coaching session. Intermediate-ish level (no, not for me – it's an idea for a birthday present!)

    Instructor: someone who can really explain things, not just demonstrate and expect you to copy

    Location: somewhere with a good skills area. We normally ride bridleways in the Peak, Dales and Lakes, so don't really know about the purpose-built stuff

    And ideally not too far from Manchester

    I'd love to hear your recommendations!

    Many thanks,

    Premier Icon Esme

    Wow – thank you for your brilliant suggestions!

    I think we'll try Ed Oxley and Gisburn/Lee Quarry for now, but I'll treat myself to a session with Jedi later in the year

    Must admit, I've been put off MTB courses by a bad experience on a Beginner's course a few years ago. I don't want to be too specific, as I'm told the instructor has improved since then

    However, the location (a popular MTB spot) didn't really have the right range of "challenges" for instructing. And the instructor was determined to impose his standard "syllabus" on me, even though I was struggling. Also, I'm not very good at just watching then copying, and he didn't seem to like explaining things to me first

    Perhaps he also remembers me as a "bad experience" . . . but it shouldn't have been like that

    Anyway, thanks for all your ideas!

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Esme – I can really recommend Emmy from the RayMazy thread (above).


    Me and a mate did a course with Ed from great rock,he was very good and would highly recommended him

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    A good teacher should work with you rather than getting you to do what they want. Lets hope it was a one off.

    From experience I know Jedi will tailor it totally to you and your riding. I'm not so sure about the others since I've not been on their courses but I like to think they will be similar.

    No drama but if you decide to not use Ed then give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we can see what we can sort out for you both. We have a great venue in Stockport too if you don't want to travel too far.

    Bob & Ally Campbell

    Premier Icon Wookster

    Hi Mate just posted on the Uk bike skills Jedi course I have been on. I agree with thom thumb mate amazing copurse go for it mate just brilliant!!

    Premier Icon speaker2animals

    I think Cycleactive do some one to one training as well as the group stuff. I did one of their weekend courses and would recommend them.

    Premier Icon speaker2animals

    Just checked and they do run personal instruction. Penrith area.


    thank you for the recommendation guys 🙂


    I'll add one for Jedi, it was 2 months ago and I have found I am enjoying my riding so much more and doing more jumps. Best upgrade ever.

    + I'll add another one for Jedi


    + another for Jedi, especially for the "someone who can really explain things" requirement, well worth the extra distance to travel to him.


    If you fancy a trip to south wales/cwmcarn area


    2nd for Cycleactive. Ask for Rich. He's very bothered about you having a good time and learning something. Very nice guy, very understanding and encouraging. Did amazing things for me after a couple of bad falls knocked my confidence. Based in the Lakes.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    campbell coaching – where is your Stockport venue?

    He's fab and been riding for years so has huge experience. He's from my LBS and recently started up his own thing and will tailor make something just for you. Based in Skipton.

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