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  • Premier Icon househusband

    Paramo Velez? They've come out with a newer, lighter one – specifically for more active things like biking: Velez Adventure Light

    I've got the normal Velez, but yet to use it for winter mountain biking.




    I have 2 Gore-tex jackets getting on 7 years old which are still waterproof. Are you taking care of them properly?


    My Altura Night Vision held out for 2 hours in an evil black rainstorm the other night. Impressed so far but it's only a month old.

    Premier Icon funkynick

    While I love my Velez, and think it's the best thing since sliced bread, it is quite warm for riding in, and although I do wear it for biking, it does tend to be when it's more on the chilly side. Saying that, I have worn it at other times, and it does exactly what it says on the box and wicks sweat away from you very well. I've had a feel of the lighter one too, but am not sure it would be that much cooler than the original, but being lighter is good!

    At the moment though, for more moderate temps, I am looking at the Montane eVent jacket, as they seem to be doing some very good things at the moment…


    Looking for a new waterproof riding jacket. Had all sorts in the past and nothing has stayed waterproof for long. Tried Event and Gore-tex fabric.

    Not bothered about pockets but pit vents or the like would be a nice feature.

    Anyone got any they would recommend?



    Unless you've been very unlucky and managed to get hold of a duff batch of fabric each time, the membranes shouldn't leak unless you puncture them, or the seams fail.

    If you don't keep them clean*, and the outer DWR finish topped up, you can stop them breathing, and then you'll get wet, but it's your own sweat that's building up, unable to escape, and not water getting in from outside.

    Event is more prone to this because of the way the membrane is constructed.

    Paramo isn't technically waterproof, and it's possible to get wet if you apply to much pressure to the fabric (like kneeling in a puddle) also Paramo needs more looking after than Gore or Event, so if you've not looked after your membrane waterproofs to the point of apparent failure, I'd suggest not getting a paramo as it'll "fail" even quicker.

    If you're wanting a membrane based jacket again, have a look at the Marmot jackets made with their "membrane strata" material, it's supposed to be as breathable as Event.

    Edited to add:
    * by clean I mean washed in pure soap or "Techwash" as detergent and fabric softeners will bugger up the DWR and breath-ability of the membrane until they are washed off.


    Not sure if it is a waterproof waterproof but the new Endura MT500 certainly looked like it should be so

    My 10 month old Rab Latok eVent leaks like hell on the shoulder areas where the rucksack straps sit.

    Thought it might be breathability so washed and treated again, stood out in the rail for 5 minutes, result – wet through.

    Loved the jacket and thought eVent was much more breathable than Gore-tex, very disappointed with it tbh

    Premier Icon househusband

    …thought eVent was much more breathable than Goretex, very disappointed with it…

    Wonder if Endura were disappointed with it too… I note that they appear to have dropped the fabric from their line-up.

    It works very well apart from the longevity.

    Have old Goretex jackets still going strong looked after to the same standard.

    Starting to think about a softshell and work on being wet but warm, just can't stay dry in Goretex as I sweat a lot.


    Gonna 3rd or 4th the recommendation for the Paramo Velez! In the worst of weather I can ride in it with just a base layer underneath and, though it can get a bit warm, it has massive side vents and the cuffs are good for rolling the sleeves up and fasten them!

    Lightweight and so comfortable!


    5th for the Velez. It works fantastically up in the hills on cold evenings but would be a bit much for spring showers. I often just wear it over bibs against the skin a la buffalo. It certainly seems to work in a similar way. Interested in getting one of the windproof paramo smocks for warmer weather.

    On paper eVent is a great fabric breadths better than goretex, larger hydrostatic head, cheaper. However in reality you have to keep them clean at all times for them to work properly. In reality this means washing your jacket about once a month if you're out at any sort of frequency.

    As to the OP i've a lovely lightwieght Patagonia jacket. Think it's the same as this works like a dream, weighs f-all, & packs away tiny in my cycling backpack. However i did buy it in a sale in the all ready really cheap Patagonia outlet store here in Dublin. So it cost me something like €40-50 which is a bargain. Not sure i'd cough up the full retail for one.


    Flektarn Germany Army issue Goretex smocks? The fabric is thicker

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