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  • Recommend me a sleeping bag
  • Something warm, cheapish but packs down small enough for a spot of bike bivvying/camping as in carried on the bike.
    cheers folks 😉

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    Alpkit SH800. Used mine last weekend in -8 degrees, in an alpkit bivvy bag, for a bivvybike excursion. I’m still alive, and didnt get cold.

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    £140, 1400g. You won’t find much better for the money.

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    I have a three season bag from Mountain Hardware, cost about 80 quid, it was a million times better than the 40 quid bag it replaced so IMO worth every penny. You’d need a bivvy bag too if you have no tent.

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    Marmot Wave series. they do a 3 season and a 4 season. Both are great!

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    @40mpg – you are bonkers !


    thats me on the right of 40mpg. in an alpkit sh600.

    was wearing baselyer top & bottom, buff & a down coat. and was nice and warm.

    bag is brilliant for uk camping – i normally only wear shorts on all but the coldest night.

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    Cold is better than wet any day. Just put more clothes on. TBH if its less than 5 degrees, it doesn’t make much difference how much less, as long as you’re out of the wind.

    It was a fantastic ride home after!

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    My kit was:
    Alpkit SH800 bag
    Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag
    Alpkit Airo mat
    Alpkit titanium folding spork (had to have one of those!)
    Little gas stove from Go Outdoors and a bag of their all-day breakfast.
    Spare set of cycling kit to change into for sleeping / day 2 (although I didn’t use most of it as funnily enough I didnt actually get sweaty)

    All fits in a medium size rucksack with the sleeping bag on a cheap plastic rack which clamps on the seat tube (which I pinched off my daughters bike).

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    another vote for SH600 from Alpkit.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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