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  • Legoman

    So I’ve got a really small pack which doesn’t hold anything other than a small bladder and I’ve got a really big one for communting.

    I could really use a mid-size pack, big enough to hold basic kit for an all-day ride.

    Any good deals out there?


    Probably Camelback will be the best, I have had cheap ones before such as woodside packs you can pickup for £8 and they just fall apart after time. I have a rock rider one at the minute with a 2 L hydration pack and plenty of pockets to put your bits in and is a nice size not to big.


    Camelbak MULE

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    +1 MULE. Tried various others over the years and Camelbak remains my favourite

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    EVOC CC. impressed so far.

    I’ve yet to find anything half as good as an Osprey.


    Hydrapak range currently half price at Merlin.

    Laguna and Morro are both good sized packs for allday rides.
    Of the two, the Morro is of slightly tougher construction.
    Hydrapak bladders are about the best out there IMHO


    Mule and EVOC one’s look good – any deals about?
    Hydrapak prices are very tempting – looking favourite right now, thanks Ecky


    I bought a halfprice Hydrapak Jolla last week from Merlin, (apart from sending me the wrong colour) it seems very well made and the bladder is way better than camelbak – better bite valve and bigger opening for cleaning

    The bag is massive though – 18 litres. Should probably have got the morro

    Also bought an insulated tube for a fiver at the same time

    I have an old mule and its indestructable but just too small


    Buy my camelbak charge lr 😉

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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