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  • Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    Looking at replacing my camera, I’m not a pro I need point and shoot. I currently have cannon ixus 5 Meg. Would the HD Hero2 Pro helmet cam also take good pictures? I assume it has auto focus. Seemed like a worthwhile upgrade :-)and I could video my mountain biking rides. Or is there a better alternative?

    thank you

    The GoPro takes some fun stills but it’s not ideal as a stills only camera in my opinion. I took mine skiing but carried my Canon S95 as well for photos.

    It’s a fixed focus lens with a distinct fisheye that will be visible on all your shots.

    Great for action video but I wouldn’t want it as my only stills cameras.

    Have a search on Flikr, you’ll find lots of examples.

    Premier Icon ianwilly

    I have one of these and I think it takes good photos (and video of course).

    Some pics on my website here if you want an idea of quality.

    It has a separate button for taking pictures, which was why i went for this one and not the Hero. I think it looks better on a helmet too, it is wide angle, just not quite so much fish eye’ness…


    Swann HD can do 1080p video and 8 Megapixel stills (and time-lapse), comes with an LCD screen included too (also cheaper than a gopro). Not sure if many shops in the UK are doing them yet, but certainly one to look at

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    Thanks for that and nice trail 🙂

    What about this one:

    I think just vid ofc but i could then just buy a still camera?

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