Recommend me a goretex paclite jacket

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  • Recommend me a goretex paclite jacket
  • Hi i am the market for a new waterproof jacket, think I will be getting paclite again as i was very pleased with what I had before but its seen a lot of use and has a few holes in it now.
    Anyone recommend one or seen a bargain needs to be size large.


    i got a scott paclite. not cheap but really well made. keeps me bone dry whilst riding and coaching in the rain 🙂


    i think the standard answer on here is that there are better options out there than paclite which isn’t cheap and not all that breathable. I know mine isn’t
    Can’t remember the two materials that get recommended. I’ll be after one when my Gore stops being useful. Think the zips are going and its already got a few holes in it.


    i wear a windproof softshell mid layer too

    What are the better options than paclite for breathability and waterproofing?
    I have been told that the Event fabric does not breath as well as gore fabric, and the own brand fabrics are cheaper copies of gore fabrics, such as Altura jackets.


    Gore Tex Active Shell. So much better than Paclite its unreal.

    Truly breathable, but it does cost more than Paclite.

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    haglofs all day long (they are the best)! endo jacket is apparently the most breathable jacket (not specifically for biking tho)—650/

    Much, much more breathable than paclite. Very happy with mine and it has been out in 100mph + winds with driving rain, snow, etc. Very, very good jacket. I was in the s*it but the jacket performed well!

    Saw the fire fox in a local shop reduced to half price but only in a medium. Liked the look of it, Think I will search one out.
    BTW go-outdoors have them in some stores (in small only) for £75


    Don’t get a paclite, mines been terrible. The best jacket I ever had was an React Altura one, although it was very bulky.


    Paclite is a bit old hat now – things have moved on.
    Goretex Active Shell is lighter and a lot more breathable. I picked up a Haglofs Endo active shell in the sales and have been very impressed with it. I got the pullover version which just has a half length zip, and there’s plenty of length in the sleeves and back for cycling. Very simple design, but very well made and works well.
    My old Paclite is like a plastic binbag in comparison – it just doesn’t seem to breath at all.

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    Haglofs Endo here as well full zip version. Superb in a word very light and breathes very well forget I have it on.

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    Gore-Tex Active 2.0 is the best jacket I’ve had. Recommended.

    Anyone seen any deals?

    I saw a Hoglofs Endo pull for £120 but think i would miss the full zip.
    Also saw firefox for £160, thinking im going for that.

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