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  • Recommend me a boot liner for mk5 golf
  • danjthomas

    Bought a mk5 and its clean. No bike marks at all which won’t last long. I put the seats flat to put the bike in buy want a boot liner that protects the boot, bumper, inside of the rear doors and the back of the front seats.

    Any suggestions.


    Big Tarp’ probably a fiver off the market, or a local discount shop, I wouldn’t bother with anything else especially if you want to cover the rear seats as well.


    I use a Boot Buddy Promax liner in my Octavia + their boot bumper protector. Works well (although the sticky-backed velcro tape to attach the boot bumper to the liner doesn’t hold well enough, ended up replacing with a strip of no more nails as don’t need it to be detachable.

    I did use to use a tarp but they’re a bit of a hassle (getting dragged in and out with the bike when a pedal catches etc. But certainly worth considering as the price of the proper boot liners is ridiculous.


    We used for my g/f’s focus, it’s been transferred from her Mk1 to her Mk2, so weve had it a while. Not cheap but has seen some good use & is still in great condition

    Now if some-one could recommend some waterproof seat cover for use with seat airbags, I’d appreciate it.

    PS: I use an old painters sheet for the back of my car….

    Premier Icon Drac

    An old bed sheet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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