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  • jonba

    Currently got one of these

    After 6 years daily service it is dying. It is jamming and being a real pain to open despite wd40 and oil in abundance.

    Anyone got any recommendations as to a replacement before I just order another one?

    Needs to be 1.5m long to allow versatile locking options. Cable so I can run it through both wheels and frame. Light, strong, cheap, come with moon on stick etc.

    Usually in the garage or swipe card entry bike shed at work but occasionally outside the shops.

    Good old kryptonite D-lock. Think there up to like serise 4 now, the orange ones. Very well made. Never had a problem with them, and a mate has had one “gone at” by a would be thief, only damage was the the plastic coating. Very impressed.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    I think you’ve been pretty lucky to get away with using that Kryptoflex one if that is your only lock on a regular commute. Good pair of boltcutters would be through that in one go.

    Can you leave a hefty u-lock at work? That’s my approach.

    Hefty Kryptonite u-lock around bike stand through rear triangle and rear wheel + a kryptoflex cable around the front wheel and stand.

    Premier Icon tuskaloosa

    I use a Abus Granit with the eazy bracket… expensive. However, most of the time the bike is locked under cover and in a ‘secure’ cage/area.

    But as Graham says a double up of a u lock and a cable lock might be a better deterent.

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    If it were me I would leave (if you’re allowed!) as chunky a lock as possible in the bike shed at work to discourage any unscrupulous characters who might gain access to it. When going to the shops IMO you are chancing it with any lock light enough to realistically carry around all the time. I just use a D lock for the frame and a couple of cables for the wheels/saddle and try not to leave it out of sight for very long!


    Abus Granit Steel-o-flex 1000. Good strong lock and you can wear it round your waist so it’s not rattling around on the bike. My choice for commuting, couriering and leaving the bike locked up on the street for time to time over the last eight or so years…

    Abus Granit Steel O Flex 1000 lock review


    Bike rack is rubbish (although security is good). It is the type that just holds one wheel so the lock needs to be long.

    The bike is worth about £300 is 8 years old and has been locked up all over Newcastle for the last 5 years. I don’t consider it to be a high crime risk. Current lock has been adequate in that I still have both lock and bike. I don’t want extra security as it will be a hassle. Used to use a D-lock as well but stopped as it was a pain as it didn’t go round fatter street furniture. Now in use in garage.

    Premier Icon edsbike

    Good pair of boltcutters

    Good pair of scissors more like!

    I had a 20mm cable lock chopped off no probs in a secure, swipe card entry bike store, you’ve been lucky. Stick to D Locks and hefty chains, and leave them in your regular stopping places.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    It is the type that just holds one wheel so the lock needs to be long.

    Argh I hate those. Have you raised the potential security issue with work? Always worth a try at least. (I got proper Sheffield stands installed in our car park after some complaining lobbying).

    You could still use a D-lock plus cable:



    Back wheel into bike stand, d-lock through stand and rear triangle, with cable to front wheel.


    Argh I hate those. Have you raised the potential security issue with work

    Well in fairness there is a 10ft high spiked fence with a gate that can only be opened with your company swipe card. Due to the nature of our site it is manned and patrolled 24hours and there is a cctv camera pointing at the bike shed. The security guard sits about 5 meters away so can see everyone going in and out.

    Security at work isn’t a massive concern.

    Premier Icon Simon E

    If you’re comfortable with it then get the same again.

    I use a Series 2 D-lock with 4 foot cable when I leave my bike in town for any length of time. For popping to the shops I use a £5 combination lock.


    Kryptonite D locks and chain locks work well

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