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  • Recommendations, skiing break – up to a week for a non-skier?
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    If I was to book a short break (4-7 nights) at a ski resort for 1 ‘have skied twice’ and 1 ‘never skied before but like sledging’, where would be a good bet for late Jan / early Feb?

    Was thinking that the low snow levels may not make much odds for us and mean there’s some deals to be had. Just want to see the mountains in winter, take a few cable cars, look around etc, with a couple of days of falling over or sledging.

    Been to Morzine in summer a couple of times, somewhere a bit smaller may be good.

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    First tip would be to think about renting a car so the non skiers can get about a bit.

    IMO the Swiss resorts do “non ski-ing” the best, on another thread I recommended Arosa, you can get a train from Zurich airport and them link to very scenic mountain railway for the last hour (3 hour trip in total or a 2 hour drive but beware access road can get blocked). Resort high at 1900m so should be good snow even this year, cross country or downhill skiing. Lots of walking paths. Mountain restaurants you can walk up to or take cable car/bubble. Horse drawn sledge rides (take your credit card I recall they are eye wateringly expensive). You don’t need a car in Arosa and you can find some cheapish hotels just avoid the 5 star ones !

    Aside from this the cross country orientated resorts in Austria are great non skiers. There is also some good walking in / around Chamonix and these are proper mountains with dramatic glaciers falling into the valley. As the main town is large and vibrant there is plenty going on. Close to airport too.

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    TBH most resorts are pretty scenic and fine for what you want. I’d maybe look at Italy as it tends to be a bit cheaper and the town’s are often nicer. Passo Tonale is one of my favourites for beginners. The slopes are wide and go right into the village. Good spread of lifts and linked to Ponte De Legno which is pretty. Sledging isn’t usually allowed on the piste but you can normally find somewhere. There is dog sledging and snow shor walks, too

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    Head north, Ruka in Finland would work well as would a lot of other similar resorts. Ruka isn’t a huge place but it has enough things to do to keep you entertained when not skiing, things like dog sledding, skidoo rides, sledging, that kind of thing, it is also far enough North that you have a good chance of being able to see the Northern Lights.

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