Recomend me a budget bivi bag with a 'hoop'

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  • Recomend me a budget bivi bag with a 'hoop'
  • The last time I went out I used 3 bin bags and some gaffer tape. It was not ideal, it was a few years ago and I was younger so more resilient

    It’s main use will be during warmer weather, but this is the UK, so a reasonable degree of waterproof and breathable would be good.

    I would prefer a ‘hoop’ to keep it off my face and give me some room to move/store smaller bits of kit

    Cheap is key!

    Anyone care to recommend anything?



    Bump for the daytime crowd 🙂

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    Aren’t all the hoop ones expensive and almost as heavy as a small tent?

    Why not just get a hoopless one and stick a short tent pole inside it?


    Alpkit Hunka


    Gelert do a one man tent which is supposedly quite good, the solo I think. It’s sub £40 so certainly cheap.

    Otherwise, I looked at the Vaude bivi 1 or the snugpak ionosphere when I was looking last year, both about £100.


    issue gore bag rigged as a bivvy pup tent.

    Costs ~£30.


    Coleman Rigel X1 (or X2 i can’t remember)

    not perfect as its not really breathable (condensation gathers on roof) but its <1kg, roomy, RRP @ £100 but i got mine for £30

    or Gelert for £30

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    I’ve got the Gelert Solo One. It’s absolutely incredible value for money. Small enough to bungee to the back of a seatpost.


    gelert solo, ive got one but not used it in anger yet, hoping to do the c2c with it this year…

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