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  • Premier Icon Jase_MK

    Having a few problems with my rear shock…

    I have a 2009 Specialized FSR XC with an X-Fusion shock. I recently cross threaded my shock pump onto the shock valve and then managed to unscrew the valve out of the shock body whilst trying to remove the pump. I got the valve out of the pump with a pair of pliers and it is now back in place and holding air but minus it's small rubber seal which broke and also looking worse for wear with a knackered thread.

    LBS tell me that the only option is to send the shock off to Specialized for a service which replaces the valve, all seals and will cost £80. I'm a bit reluctnat to spend £80 servicing a pretty cheap shock when it doesn't really need servicing (only done a handful of rides) and only really needs a new valve.

    I see CRC/Merlin/etc have Fox/RockShox rear shocks for between £100-130, so spending £80 to effectively get a new valve for this x-fusion unit seems a bit daft?

    Any advice?

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    What about a Valve extender ?

    To repair the thread you could get a cheap Schrader inner-tube pump adapter. Cut the Schrader end off & slice in half with a saw. Then put back together further up the damaged valve stem & zip-tie / gaffa tap the half's back together. Then carefully work this up the thread until it cuts through the cross threaded bit. Might work.???


    It's a complete arse that you can get simple spares. If it's the same as fox then try a 'gonzo valve', also Some of the MX shops carry all the spares and many are common.

    They really arnt that hard to service yourself if only you could get the spares… Really resent paying £100for a service to replace a 1p o-ring.

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    Cheers for the tips, this place rocks!

    Anyone take a bet on whether the valve-to-shock body thread is a standard size:

    Those are listed as for a Manitou shouck, might be worth a punt.

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    Just googled Gonzo Valve which has turned up a load more replacement valves for Fox shocks too. Think I'll measure the thread on my valve then make a few calls to some of these places.

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