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  • mildred

    Reasons for me in order of influence:

    A) annual leave ban from 01/06/12 – 30/09/12
    B) shift pattern change that has reduced number of rest days & got rid of long weekends
    C) skint
    D) weather

    I can’t even have a family holiday this year, which is not good for my sanity or my marriage. The shift pattern change means I can’t do any of my local BMX races either. I’ve less expendable cash now than I’ve had since about 1987. However, I’ve had the nod (dependant on a weight loss challenge from the Mrs) for the Mega and possibly the Mountain of Hell next year, and have already started my training programme.


    1. Lots of spare time eaten up by work.
    2. Kielder 100 has moved to my son’s birthday.

    Weather is a bit of a contributory factor but not that much. I just can’t easily clear off for a weekend hundreds of miles from home.

    I did a locally organized ride on Sunday, and I’ve got an entry in for Dusk-to-Dawn. That’s about it.


    it’s not the presence of the ex-pros that puts me off, it’s the technical nature of the ‘off-piste’ trails.

    i’ve done a few now where the trails/stages have been a mix of new off-piste stuff, and ‘old’ established tracks.

    this is a good idea, and i do think it’s been done well.

    As the concept of Enduro has developed, the ‘old’ bits are increasingly bits of Dh tracks. i’ve done some Dh racing, and i’ve found these ‘old’ bits of Dh track to be the ‘easy’ bits.

    (especially so at Ae/Inners)

    so, we’re expected to ride stages that are steeper, and more technical than most Dh race tracks, on our xc bikes…

    Nope horse for courses, you’re suppose to race enduro on an enduro bike. The fact you found it too technical is irrelevant. It’s enduro, it is supposed to be as close as proper mtbing as possible and make sure the most “complete” rider wins it. It’s not DH and it’s certainly not XC.

    EDIT Out of interest who here rode the transvésubienne or/and the trans-provence and how did you find it?


    Only been racing 2 years and had a 3 month ‘break’ due to my collarbone.

    Had planned to enter every Gorrick this year, spring ones were great, but not attended many others because of the weather. Did the Gorrick 100 the previous year in terrible conditions and had hundreds of £££s worth of repairs on the bike. Said I would not do it again. So now typical pay on the day rather than in advance. Depending on weather may do RU tough enough this weekend.

    Cost is also a big deal, it does cost way too much in total. The only thing I can think of is getting the big names to start putting money behind the races, not just wiggle / CRC but also the brands like Giant / Specialised etc… If entry was a fiver I reckon you’d see loads more people pre-entering.

    I also really want to do an epic style event, like the TransWales till I saw how much it was going to cost me. For that sort of money I’ll go do one of the epic rides in Europe where I can guarantee the weather (well almost) or a week in Morzine. I believe this event has been canned now?


    hmmm… never even thought of doing an event.

    i don’t get the idea of riding with lots of other people on over crowded trails (or rather a field).

    if i want a weekend away riding with mates then i’ll go for a weekend away with mates and ride somewhere and decide where we want to ride.

    i never knew the event thing was so big, but then i’m not (yet) middle aged and nor do i work in IT.

    @ Sancho

    i’d be happy to help. or ride. get in touch?

    cheers 🙂

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    The fact you found it too technical is irrelevant.

    it’s completely relevant.

    i refer you to the title of the thread:

    Re: The Poll. Why aren’t as many people doing events this year?

    (my) answer: i’m too crap to ride the new courses.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I have to agree with Ahwiles here (not to reopen the Gravity Enduro thing) but for something that was billed as Red grade trail last year it was quite a shock to see most of an SDA DH run at Ae, yes it missed the big drops but still had the tech sections. I knew several who walked away from it. My missus had no interest in it from that point on.

    I’m all for pushing it a bit but I’ll race DH on a DH bike with uplift.

    Glad the series is doing well as after the first 2 last year it didn’t seem to know who it was attracting.

    Money, Time, and not being organised enough.

    I think “oh, theres an event I’d like to do”, and put off entering until closer to the time, which inevitably I either:
    [list][*]Forget about it[/*][*]Can’t make the weekend[/*][*]Weather is terrible[/*][/list]

    Money is also a consideration, and I’d rather have a weekend away somewhere without loads of folk.

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    Wild card: Is Strava having an effect? After all we can all now race each other without ever even meeting each other, when we like, where we like, without spending any money!

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I dont like paying to ride.
    I do the Dyfi every year and rode my first road Sportive recently, but that’s it.
    Family commitments mean full days/weekends for riding are rare and I’d rather spend them riding in big mountains with my mates rather than, which allows flexibility to chose the best location for the conditions/weather rather than grinding away in the rain.


    Interestingly (i think i’m right) but road sportive participation has been increasing steadily over the last few years. I wonder if some of that growth is down to MTB’ers switching to these type of events?

    For me the combo of weather, cost to enter and cost to travel is the main reason for doing fewer MTB events. I have done D2D for many years but doubt i will do it this year as just can’t take the thought of another 3 hour drive, racing in the mud, then a 3 hour drive home all for £35 (iirc) entry.


    I’m out of work for the second time in three years so money is tighter than ever, would like to do SITS but will have to see how funds go


    Time, cost, weather and family mean that my focus has changed to local events only. Due to the fact that there are no local MTB races, I’m now doing tris and swimming.

    eg, The 3 closest tris to me are run from leisure centres all within a 10 mile radius. A sprint tri starts at 8am, which means I’m home again by lunchtime and the wife & kids are happy. Plus no wrecked & muddy bike to clean & fix and minimal fuel bills to get there.

    That said the Big Bike bash is pencilled in as a family trip for 2013 as the little trbs want to go racing. (away for it this year booo)

    Also would like to try some trailquest / MTBO, but again not many around (in Scotland).

    There is a Scottish League who have some good sponsors (free beer!) and offer 3/4 hour events for only £15 all normally within an hour of Edinburgh/ Scotland.

    There is no mass starts and no jostling to get in front and a good social atmosphere at the end with Tea and cakes!

    I used to do adventure racing (Rat Race/ Open 5) but they are getting expensive (RR) and too far away (O5)

    Sportives are way too expensive for what you get

    And time is now the other big factor with a growing family!


    I found many events becoming too big to be fun any more, we were been treated as numbers and on one occasion had to ask three people at the event what the format was, its great that people run events (Its bloody hard work as well) But at the end of the day an event has to be about fun, it has to be about people spending the next week singing about the excitement of that day and NOT just about event organisers bank accounts…rant over are putting on some great local mountain bike challengers, they are seeing numbers growing, have a friendly attitude and treat everyone with the same level (Every one is a VIP)the next event for them is on the 5th of August at Ogden they then have another 12 or 13 events planned for the rest of the year.

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