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  • Rate me as your neighbor from hell.
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    No. 5 gets you one bomber if you disturb my kids. But its a B-52.


    Seems noise is peoples biggest bugbear – going to have to move to the country..!

    Edric 64

    OP thats two offers to own you with a B52 if you make noise ,not bad !!


    Tbh folk do seem sensitive to noise but djing is not necessary noise- that would piss me off – diy and cutting grass etc i have no issue with – there is no alternative really.

    Djing doesnt need to be loud


    you live in a house and you essentially DJ all day long at volume and you want to ask if this is ok?

    I doubt anyone is that daft they need to ask tbh.

    as for the Barbies and the conversation – it all depends can my kids still play in the garden or is the smoke and conversation enough that I cannot let them? Imagine I let my kids blast into your garden with water pistols to stop you enjoying your activity.

    Basically you do as you please and dont really care if it impacts on anyone else. You dont actively try to annoy them you certainly dont try not to.
    Like the roads it is shared space and you can be fair or not fair


    Tbh junky it depends wether its a bbq once or twice a year or every other week

    Have loud party or bbq with smoke and drinking once or twice a year – some warnig would be great

    Start doing it every week and ill give you a dawn chorus of 8 cylinders on 4 – 2 straight pipes back firing on over run

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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