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  • atlaz

    I have some cheap DHB ones and some not cheap Castelli ones. I honestly can’t say the castelli ones are any better in the half dozen or so rides I’ve used them for.

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    Do you intend to hang around in Bars in Richmond rather than actually ride a bike? If so, you need Rapha, as nothing else will do….


    In contrast I have some Castelli free aero bibs and various Gore/Endura/DHB offerings ranging from cheap to midrange. The castelli shorts are significantly better.
    EDIT: The others are acceptable, nothing wrong with them, they just aren’t as good.


    I’ve got some sugoi 3/4s, some DHB ones (without a pad), and some MT500s.

    I prefer the DHB 3/4 with (admitedly assos) shorts underneath. The sugois are a bit too elastic, the MT500s too in-elastic (or maybe I need to loose weight)

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    I love my assos mille shorts and 3/4s.

    I think they are worth it when you are 8 hours in the saddle, but it’s hard to justify when hitting the buy button. I have tried other shorts since getting some assos, and subsequently regretted it.

    Some of my mates just don’t seem to be affected by what shorts they wear or what saddle they sit on, but I am never comfortable, its just a constant quest to minimise the discomfort, I guess it depends where you are between those two positions will dictate whether the cost is justified.

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    atlaz – Member
    I have some cheap DHB ones and some not cheap Castelli ones. I honestly can’t say the castelli ones are any better in the half dozen or so rides I’ve used them for.

    This. My dhb Aeron pro is more comfy Than my Castelli’s. £55 and &80 respectively!

    My Assos bibs are have the comfiest chammy in my collection, but i appreciate the more budget end of the market.

    Omar Little

    I have a mix of gear ranging from Aldi to Assos and Rapha

    I dont like the prices but the Assos shorts are always my go to shorts if im doing a long ride. That is not to say other brands like dhb, specialized, endura, gore, castelli and Rapha dont do the job well…they are just not quite as comfortable. I wish this wasn’t the case as i’d rather save some money!


    From my experience Rapha shorts aren’t any more comfortable or any more well made and a lot of the premium you pay is for the branding/image rather than the quality.

    Assos stuff is great and seems to last ages but I still find it hard to justify the cost based on comfort especially if you’re just wearing them as undershorts.

    My current most comfortable vote goes to the Gore Alp-X and Castelli shorts with the X2 pad.


    Assos make great shorts, my only gripe is that the curent design makes you look like you’ve got a split-arse, off the bike, so to speak.


    In the market for some 3/4 length bibs. I use Endura MT500 for my undershorts normally and they work well.

    Considering going for MT500 3/4 length bibs or maybe the Thermolite ones.

    But my inner chimp is telling me I need Rapha or some other uber expensive brand.

    Please talk me out of blowing all my hard earned on one pair of shorts.

    Although assos gear is expensive from my experience it is well worth the money. I have an air block jacket and intermediate jacket along with big shorts and longs, I bought all the items around the same time as my local shop were doing really good deals, I’ve had them all for about 8 years now and it’s all very well used and still looks great and works brilliant. Money well spent I think.

    I looked at Rapha gear in a shop the other day and I don’t think it’s as good as the assos gear I have.


    I ummed and ah-ed but bought a pair of Rapha 3/4’s and they are brilliant. I have Assos shorts (ie non 3/4) and personally I think the Rapha pad is better and they are a better fit for me. If you have thick thighs relative to your waist Assos might be a better bet.

    But watch size, my 3/4’s are a large which is the only size L item of clothing I own at all….

    That’s a good point I have a 30waist and I’m a large in assos.

    I thought I better put that in I case you purchase any online.

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    For long rides; assos shorts. I really notice the difference if I am in the saddle for prolonged periods but I always worry about them getting too muddy or damaged so they are mostly reserved for the road.

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    From my experience Rapha shorts aren’t any more comfortable or any more well made and a lot of the premium you pay is for the branding/image rather than the quality.

    My Rapha shorts are the best ones I have, super comfy, lightweight and fit perfectly. Having said that, my normal commuting shorts are Endura FS260 Pro, they’re heavier duty than the Rapha ones.

    I wouldn’t buy 3/4’s though, I think you can get a more versatile set up with shorts and knee or leg warmers. Rapha do some thermal shorts as well if you want a bit of extra warmth.

    Assos doesn’t seem to fit me so I can’t comment on it.

    The Rapha stuff I’ve got is very nice, is well made, feels good, fits, and has nice touches that cheaper brands do not have. However my my club gear is made by Sportfull and is just as comfortable and also fits well.

    I spend the majority of my time in club kit meaning my Rapha gear is only used when I’m on the rollers in the shed.

    If you can afford it its nice, however there are cheaper equivalents out there.

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    My Pearl Izumi kit is at least as comfy as the Assos I have & better than the DHB bits.

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    I’ve got some Endura ones which are pretty warm, the pad’s alright but no better, they’ve gone a bit bobbly after a couple of winters occasional use. Also got a pair of Assos Roubaix 3/4s, they’re about 7-8 years old, still perfect. Pad’s faded a bit, that’s about it!


    Lot if Rapha is made in china which makes prices seem crazy. Least assos is Swiss made – although still expensive.

    That said have a pair of assos bibs still going strong after 9 years use…


    Least assos is Swiss made – although still expensive.

    Read the labels, a lot of Assos is not made in Switzerland. I think my milles are from Romania. I do have a set of Campanisimo Evos that are Swiss made. but the unos and milles aren’t.

    Similarly my Castelli shorts are Croatian.


    I have used everything from no brand £10 a pair of shorts from the bargain bucket through Decathlon bibs to high end DHB and Assos Mille’s and FI uno’s.

    The Assos just disappear under you. The DHB’s are fine for the MTB as you are in and out of the saddle, but for endurance racing and long road rides, the S5 Mille’s are my go to shorts. I have 3/4 roubaix Mille’s too, great autumn shorts, and if it gets really cold, I stick my wind fronted DHB bibs on and wish they had the Assos chamois and fit, but they do the job pretty well.

    I’ve bought second hand Assos stuff before, and will again, as in my opinion, its well enough made to not have to worry too much about being worn out if it looke in good nick.

    Used to have some Assos Roubaix Mille bib 3/4, which were more comfortable than practically any other pair of shorts I’ve ever used – more so than my FI Unos, FI Milles and FI.13. When they eventually wore out, I was no longer working in a bike shop, so ‘slummed it’ and bought Castelli Sorpasso 3/4. I’m regretting it. They’re just not as good; I could wear the Assos all day – 3 hours in the Castellis finish my bum off.

    So, in my opinion – Yes. Assos totally worth it.


    For me Pearl Izumi has the best value for money to quality kit. There Elite range is stunning value, I have 2 pairs of bib shorts and they are fantastic.

    Pearl Izumi or Endura for me, I don’t buy anything else.


    Endura FS260 are very comfortable


    For bib shorts I actually find the DHB aeron pros as comfy as my Assos Unos and Castelli free race aeros, in fact they’re comfier than the Assos ones which have a nappy sized pad. For jackets though it’s hard to fault Assos stuff, except the ridiculous pricing – I’m going to need to remortgage if I crash on the road this winter.


    I’ve a pair of the DHB Aeron Pro shorts and a pair of the equivalent tights. I also have a pair of the Rapha tights (bought in their sale) and a pair of Morvelo shorts.

    The build quality of the DHBs are eclipsed by both the Rapha and Morvelo kit – the DHBs are falling apart at the seams with an equivalent amount of use.

    The Rapha kit fits really well, is made with better material and includes some nice additional features.

    For comfort, the Morvelo kit is head and shoulders above the rest. The materials used aren’t the same as the Rapha stuff, nor do they have the additional features.

    I’m a sale shopper typically and so the prices I have paid are similar. On that basis I’d recommend either the Rapha or Morvelo kit, with the Rapha kit edging it on materials used and features, and the Morvelo kit winning when it comes to comfort.



    I have 2 pairs of DHB shorts.

    The regular summer bibs are their top model, but I prefer my endura.

    However, the DHB thermal 3/4s are excellent. I’ve worn them on long mtb/road rides and can’t fault them in any way. You don’t notice them, which I think is always a good test. Just work well and are comfortable.

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