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  • rancid’s new album
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    ive played it to death for about 2 weeks now, but how crap is “Let The Dominoes Fall” ? Ive waited 6 years for this effort from my fave band of the last 15 years (ish), from a band who brought us the masterpiece that is Out Come The Wolves its really poor. Theres probably only about 3 half decent songs on it. Went to see the twice at the end of last year and thought it was strange that they played NO new material…can see why now, they must have been too embarrassed to play them live.

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    They’ll never make another album like “And Out Come The Wolves”. 🙁

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    I had to ban ‘And Out Come The Wolves’ from the car, I was driving faster and faster, singing along at the top of my voice, until I realised I was on the road to death.

    What a brilliant album 😉

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    Massive fan of ‘And out come The Wolves’

    Sorry to hear the new albums crap 😥

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    I think it’s OK, but I agree it’s not up to their previous stuff. As much as I love …Wolves I prefer Rancid (2000). Faster, harder, and catchy.

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    jony, thats the point “its ok”, which for Rancid is not good enough im afraid ! Rancid 2000 is a cracker too, what, is it 23 songs in 37 minutes ? brilliant !
    Tim Armstrongs solo ska album is a belter too.

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