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    the thing that annoys me about some vegetarian food

    seriously, it's hardly worth getting annoyed about though, is it?
    i eat fake 'meat' products from time to time. just cos they taste good to me, you know.
    mostly, i make meals from scratch using fresh veggies, fruit, pulses and grains though. it's all good.

    quorn mince makes a better spag bol than regular mince imho.


    Annoyed is probably overstating it I'll admit.


    quorn mince makes a better spag bol than regular mince imho.

    I don't mind eating a spag bol with veggie mince from time to time but to say it's better than a meat version…

    I'm a little iffy about Quorn. I eat quorn at Wetherspoons, on the occasional Saturday breakfast treat, but otherwise I try to resist their lure. It's nice to have convenience food every now and then but it has the same effect as most heavily processed food product; a nasty aftertaste, oily, salty and cloying.

    Cauldron foods are available in my local Somerfields and they're pleasant enough, but SO expensive. I've taken to making veggie sausages from tofu bulked out with mushrooms and breadcrumbs, and flavoured with herbs, a little red wine, if I've got some in, tomato paste, etc. The resulting goo fries well and is rather yummy, particularly in a sani with ketchup, or as balls put into a tomato sauce for pasta. I've been meaning to wrap a lump of it in pastry and bake it and see how that works, but haven't got round to that. It'll even grill if it's made dry enough then brushed with oil. I haven't made it look pretty yet, but I'll think of something. A pack of Tofu, even the hippy organic stuff from Somerset that they sell in Holland and Barrett, is cheaper than five 'sausages' and half a pack is all my concoction requires to feed the two of us.

    Somebody told me Linda Mcartney snags have got better recently but they used to be so unpleasant I haven't tried them for years.

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    the linda mac sausages are definitely better than the older ones (less fatty/more tasty, basically). still not a patch on fry's though…

    you veggie fake 'meat' fans (who don't have a wheat intolerance) should really look into making your own seitan (basically, wheat gluten). it's brilliant. time consuming, but dead easy and if you do it right it's totally worth the effort.


    I can't see whats wrong with veggie sausages, though I don't eat them often.
    Mincing up lips and arseholes etc and stuffing them into skins is hardly natural. Why try make them into something else – meat is great, right?

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