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  • If I go up a big hill does my GPS give a distance based on the horizontal distance between the top and bottom or does it calculate it on altitude too?

    Taking it to an extreme if I climbed a vertical wall 1 mile high will the GPS tell me I’ve travelled 1 mile or 0 miles.

    What I’m getting at is; am I actually faster up hills than my GPS is telling me, in which case I’m fitter than I think and don’t need to feel bad about drinking lots of beer tonight?


    Horizontal distance

    Most GPSs will tell you your rate of altitude gain/loss. Not sure if that’s of any use to you…

    That statistic was quite interesting when I had my GPS running for take-off and landing in a jetliner. (The plane didn’t crash, BTW, despite their warnings to turn electronic stuff off.)

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    Either way, unfortunately the difference is absolutely tiny (unless you are actually ascending vertical walls for kilometres on end); if you do a 30km loop with an even 1km climb / 1km descent you’ve only gone an extra 67m in total.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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