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  • aa

    Who is your unsung hero for your team?

    I’m an Arsenal fan and I loved Gilles Grimandi. Committed total team player.

    In the current team I love Tomas Rosicky, an absolute genius on the ball and plays with a smile.

    Who’s your equivalent?

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Bob Booker:

    About to jack it all in and become a window cleaner ’till Harry Bassett signed him.
    A completely selfless, genuinely decent, hard working team player.


    aa gunner here too and you’ve written my post for me.

    The exact two I’d pick.


    Arsenal fan here.

    Current team it’s Flamini.

    Last 10 years I would say Emmanuel Petit.


    I don’t recall bob booker.

    He looks like he’s got a touch of grant holt about him. (another player i really like).


    Southampton, Jason Dodd. Just a good, solid player. Now the Youth team coach.


    Utd – van Der Sar

    Got him on a free, hit 40 and arguably the best keeper in the world at the time, yet can’t recall him getting as many plaudits as he should have.

    Quietly went about his job as all pros should…sorely missed.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    Stuart McCall. Terrific professional.


    Zinedine Kilbane when he wore a green shirt.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Newcastle here, Mike Ashley for sure, the amount he has done for the club….


    mikewsmith – Member
    Newcastle here, Mike Ashley for sure, the amount he has done for the club….

    Sunderland fan here. My unsung hero is fat Mike too 😀

    On a serious note, I wouldn’t wish him on an enemy. Horrid man.


    Not even a Leeds fan but it was Peter Lorimer. He hit a ball so hard and I tried to do the same when I was a kid. Would have to say Gordon Banks was up there too and he was a friend of the family too.


    Hearts Fan here

    Current team – Jamie Walker – Jambo to the core!

    Past Hearts teams – Thomas Flogel – complete professional.

    Other teams – Pat Fenlon – Hibs greatest manager!

    ..oh and Ray Kennedy – Liverpool and Arsenal

    Edric 64

    Ian Holloway when he played for Bristol Rovers .A hard working midfielder who made the most of his talent and even played in the Premiership for QPR .As a manager he demands the same from his players who like him are never the best but he expects them to work harder to make up for it

    Premier Icon totalshell

    Rudy Funk.. Scarborough Athletic..

    shuns the limelight, hides behind his porn star tash.. top top drawer manager puts the miles and time in all round nice bloke..

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