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  • godzilla

    I may be missing something here as I’m on my smart phone but these look cheap so here’s a heads up.
    Edit- just realised there is a previous thread on this, please don’t send the search button police round.

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    That is a good price blimey!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Oh I’m not mentioning the diameter of those or why they are cheaper 🙂


    What is the difference between ZTR Flow & Flow EX?


    You can see the width and weight differences on the stans site.

    But basically Flow EX is a bit heavier but a good chunk wider and a lower bead so should be a bit tougher.

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    Premier Icon Northwind

    This isn’t scientific but it seems to be harder to dent a Flow Ex but easier to outright damage them- I beat a Flow to death and replaced with a Flow Ex and it picked up 2 significant dents into the rim bed within half a dozen rides- both big hits but still, the old ones took big hits too. OK, it’s on a dh bike ridden by a knobber so that could just be bad luck and clumsiness but I’m not convinced. The old Flow was denty, sure, but I must have straightened out a million dents from the old rim and it kept on going- cracked at the valve hole eventually.

    I dunno, maybe their relative softness of the bead was acting as sacrificial protection for the actual structure of the wheel. Always suspected that was why my 721s cracked so badly, too hard for their own good maybe. (I stopped counting after I got to 5 cracks!)

    So all in all I’d be happy to buy either again but I feel like I had better service from the old Flow.


    Is there a conversion kit from 20mm to 15mm out there somewhere. Seriously tempted…


    I bought a pair last week, when they were 99 quid. Mine came with both 15mm and 20mm adapters for the front, mind u mine were 135×10 rear. Your welcome to my 15 mm adspters if u need thrn

    Premier Icon Alex

    Saved me £200 that did. I was just about to buy some new 26inch wheels as I couldn’t get anything second hand with 20mm front and 142×12 rear. Would have preferred Evo hubs and the new Mavic 821 rim. But not for £200 more!

    How good are the hubs? I have some chris king hubs on Mavic 321 rims, bomb proof but heavy. Wanted to re-lace to some flow rims, need 20mm and 142x12mm hubs so this is ideal but not sure what the hubs will be like…


    I think you can be sure that the Kings will be a better hub.

    I’d keep the Kings and get them re-rimmed. Mavic 321’s are heavy.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    It’ll be a machined bit of aluminium with some off the shelf bearings in it (Just like the Kings).

    The hub adators (15 / 20mm)are the same as superstar switch, the hubs are re-branded Novatech hubs (just like superstar)
    15mm adaptors from superstar £10

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Hmm location Balerno, that’ll be Dom selling 2pure stuff off then…..


    What gave it away, maybe the username 2pure_outlet :mrgreen:

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