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    That is actually awesome 🙂

    Premier Icon youngrob

    Great video. Before you know it, you’ll be struggling to keep up with him 🙂


    With the nature of what I do for a ‘living’ and where we live and the awesome kids that live around us, I’m super happy that he’s embraced riding bikes.

    I took a fairly big step with him and had mummy shuttle us up to the top of a 1 mile long mainly natural descent. (250 ft elev, -4% grade according to strava)
    I ran with him and had to make a couple of catches when he went otb but he’s not bothered about hitting the deck for the most part.. although at the speed he got up to a few times I was certainly nervous.

    So, little vid of his fun ride that made me immensely proud, and him pretty pumped!

    Looking forwards to us being able to ride together, but he’s a way off having the leg strength to do that just yet.

    Sorry its 4 mins that might bore the pants off most people, but I’m happy that he’s happy to get out there and have fun.

    Fin on Jacks Trail – 33 months on his freehubbed Spawn Cycles Gremlin


    Nice one Fin! 🙂

    Did he start on a balance bike? – looks very stable & confidant.

    My 2.5 yr old is doing really well on his balance bike, bumping up & down kerbs, down steep slopes & actually happier taking the bumpier options.

    Looking forward to getting alandavidpetrie79 Jr on the trails one day…….

    Premier Icon althepal

    Brilliant- or as someone already said- “SWEET”!

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Good stuff! 😀


    Did he start on a balance bike?

    I am not convinced by the whole balance bike thing. My brother had one for his two boys but my two boys (who did not have one) were cycling unaided and confidently way before his. When he switched to a bike with pedals he had to keep taking the stabilisers on and off as they just did not get one with it.

    My two trundled around with stabilisers and once they came off they never went back on.

    It is great when they start riding with you!!


    I think balance bikes work my middle lad had one and he took to a normal bike pretty quick he didn’t need stabilisers he just struggled for the first day or 2 to get the concept of peddles. But saying that my eldest girl had stabilisers on and on day came in when she was 3 and said I can ride her mates bikes without stabilisers she managed it all by her self in about half an hour. In fact I think she already has better bike handling skills than me. I think it’s all down to the kids as to whether a balance bike will be good either way you either have to teach them to balance or pedal

    Brilliant stuff – every right to be very proud of him. 😀

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    Yes, love that, my 19 month old is just getting access to his balance bike, I’ll show him the vid…

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Wow! Top dude. 😀

    Premier Icon luffy105

    Great video! I had a similar moment last weekend when i took my 5yr old twins out at the weekend, funnily enough one is called Fin also.

    They are used to riding on tarmac paths and going some distance but had never been on uneven terrain so bit the bullet last sunday and rode up to the disused railway line / bridleway near our house and took them on a 10km ride. granted it isn’t the most technical terrain but in some sections the ground has been churned up and the path can be narrow. They did brilliantly and you can’t help but be proud riding behind two little lads as they hoon along telling me how ‘awesome’ it is. Nearly had a very dusty eye moment when we had stopped for a drink and Andrew declared he loved me for doing awesome things with them. Granted I did look a bit of a wally sat on top of a full susser following two 5yr olds on no suspension Islabikes.

    FWIW my two had balance bikes all the way… got the small puky bikes when they were 1 1/2 and then the bigger puky bikes when they were 3. Every weekend we would go around the village at least once on them and they soon were flying round and on the parts that were slightly downhill were quickly going 40m plus without putting their feet down. Got the Islabikes for their christmas presents when they were 4 1/2 and it took me less than 5 minutes to get them both pedalling when I gave them a push start and they got the hang of starting off on their own within a day. My sister has a girl one year younger than ours and learnt the same way and was doing great until she started riding the bike at her pre-school that had stabilisers and now wont ride at all unless the bike has stabilisers and even her bike balance seems less co-ordinated than it was 2 years ago.

    I believe that if the kids never know about stabilisers then they will progress quicker. Yes that might be a sweeping generalisation but it did work for us.


    Love it!
    What helmet is it???


    Loved that! 😀

    Premier Icon mugsys_m8

    I like this.

    Good Work Fin!


    Every proud dads moment! We didn’t do the balance bikes thing with my son and he went unaided without stabilisers at the age of 7. His sister had one and she went unaided and pedaling a week after her brother. (she was 3)

    Very proud! No matter how old they are! 🙂


    Well done Fin
    Great vid.
    Im riding a far bit now with my six year old, he wants to jump so second stage exciting times!

    We had an otb a few weeks ago and his sister piled into the back of him, my wife was screaming, the kids just got up and brushed themselves off and carried on!


    Hes only just turned 3 and pedalling? Props to you!

    Heres my lad from last nights new bmx track at the Manchester velodrome

    Cool. My little fella is 5, got an IslaBike for his birthday a few weeks back – we did a 13k ride at thw weekend, 5K to the local pumptrack, a few laps,t hen on a bit further, and home – all semi-offroad, and he had no problems at all.

    I turned the phone thingy on as I wanted to get an idea of the kind of distance he’s be confy with before taking him to a trail centre (shortest local loop is 6k). Needn’t have worried.


    That is brill

    You should be right proper proud of him, you must be so looking forward to Son & Dad riding trips in the future, it can only get better too 😉

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Splendid. Should be on mid week movies.

    Give him a couple of years and he’ll be able to do some guiding in the school holidays. 🙂


    Splendid. Should be on mid week movies.

    Agree it’s better than a lot of the rubbish on there this week.

    Good video, well done Fin and you, love how the dog’s leading the way.

    Very 8)

    Mark N

    Great video. I can see why you are proud. As has been said he will be chasing you down and passing in the not to distant future.


    Thanks for watching and the comments!

    Did he start on a balance bike?

    Yep, started on a 12″ wheel run bike at 22months I think.
    Progressed pretty well and once he was standing on the ‘chainstays’ as he rode down the hill we bumped him up to his ‘big boy bike’.
    Balance was good but he’d never successfully pedalled anything.. took him a couple of goes then he was off.
    Started on his pedals at 2 1/2. No need for stabilisers, which was good as we didn’t have any to use anyway.

    What helmet is it???

    Lazer P’Nut Has a cool whizzer style tensioner in the back.

    Looking forwards to our next ride and wondering if buying him some spd’s for his 3rd birthday might be borderline ‘pushy dad’ 😉

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