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  • Ordered a 853 prince Albert and pretty much have all the parts bar Fork, have now been procrastinating about a fork (will be second hand) for weeks and cant decided on what to get (mainly 120 or 140mm).

    I mainly ride around the peaks so riding style is mainly rocky XC.
    Have got a Pro 2 hub up front so can run QR, 15 or 20mm forks.

    Looking around today on various Forums I have tempted by.
    Reba race 120mm (20mm)
    Fox Vanilla 140 (15mm)
    Pike 454 90-140(Dual air U turn 20mm)
    Rockshox Revs 140 (20mm)

    Answer of course is a adjustable fork but I’m finding it hard to find a good one (at a decent price also).

    Anyone use any of the above or can tell me how the bike handles with either 120 or 140mm fork.


    140mm, have run both my Mk 1 and Mk2 at 130mm and find it a little too steep on technical and steeper stuff.
    Have run Fox Vanillas and am currently running Revelation RCT3s which are great and soon to be extented back to 140mm.

    EDIT: although running a short (50/60mm stem) with forks at 140mm on really steep climbs you may find the front a touch light (chest on the top cap on really steep stuff) setup as always is a bit of a personal thing.

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    Snap, I have all the parts for my 853 as well. Waiting until July(hopefully) is going to be torture. 😕

    Anyway I’m going to put my Pikes onto it, I think the adjustable travel will suit the PA well.



    I had 140 revs on mine. Front was a bit wandery on steep climbs as mentioned above. But was an awesome bike!

    Had u turn pikes on mine. They spent a lot of their time wound right in.

    The PA is a great bike.

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    I run mine with mxle Revs set at 120mm. 140mm spoils it imho.

    Thanks all, sounds like a something adjustable would be best all round.


    Although an older fork the 145mm coil Manitou Nixons I had on mine were superb. Good damping, reliable, stiff and easy to self service with the added bonus of travel adjustment. If I still had the bike I would probably have changed to Black Box Revs. I have 150mm Rev Ti’s on my Blue Pig and I reckon the same fork set at 140mm would have been nigh on perfect for the Albert.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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