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  • …shocking is all I have to say.

    our localish theatre want £56 for a family of four, is that reasonable ? I don’t know sounds like a lot to me and loads more if we were to go into central London (15 mins on the tube)

    Tight dad syndrome ?

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    Sounds sensible to me a family trip out.


    There are other family theatre shows that don’t involve such prices or all the panto bullshit. Have a look at the offerings at smaller local theatres. My local theatre is in the round and doing 101 Dalmatians, with real dogs, awesome.


    Thats only 14 quid each and sound’s pretty good for London. Folk dis it but it’s most kids first theatre experience and an ancient theatre art. It should be compulsory!

    We charge £13 in the East end of Glasgow although certain postcodes can get them for as little as £6 or £3. Our budget is tiny and profit is minimal.

    Tight dad syndrome will book in the morning !


    Think yourself lucky, if you go to the Bristol hippodrome you have to watch louis spence.

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    I’d just put the expense behind you 😉

    My daughter (approaching three years old) is taking part in the first dance at a show next Friday. She’s in the toddler section of a dance troupe. The entire routine will last less than 60 seconds. In fact, we’ll be lucky if she or any of her co-stars dance at all. It starts quite late, so we’ll be leaving after her dance in order to get her home to bed.

    I went to buy the tickets today, expecting them to be four or five quid each at the most. There was a sharp intake of breath when tickets turned out to be a tenner apiece. And I’d said I’d treat the family. Ballbags.

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    …shocking is all I have to say.

    Oh no it isn’t! (come on someone had to).

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    Don’t sound too bad.

    I wouldn’t bother with London though, plenty of good ones at smaller theatres.

    We saw Cinderella at Potters Bar last year, great show with real actors not micro-celebs and genuinely funny.

    Shame we’ve moved away, need to find a northern equivalent this year.

    b r

    If you think that £56 for four is shocking, where have you been for the last +10 years – or does your OH normally organise this stuff and doesn’t tell you the real price?

    I’d hate for you to go to the cinema…

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    It’s around £24 each for Newcastle Theatre Royal Panto so nothing to do with London prices.

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