Posh nosh in Leeds?

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  • Posh nosh in Leeds?
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    Casa Mia in leeds centre is terrible. Only time I’ve ever sent food back because it was simply crap
    Restaurant bar and grill is full of suited and booteds getting sh*t faced on champagne, esp at weekends

    My suggestions would be:

    Sou le nez (not been for ages)
    Sams Chop House- not mega posh but excellent food, service and cocktails


    My favourites for a nice meal with the Mrs

    San Carlos
    Restaurant Bar and Grill

    Fazenda’s good for the boys because my Mrs isn’t a big carnivore. Definitely worth a visit though.

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    Within Leeds:

    Restaurant Bar and Grill : Great room. Food generally good.
    Crafthouse: Food a lot better than when it opened. Nice space. Use the private lift to avoid the shopping centre and start/finish with cocktails upstairs at Angelica
    San Carlo : Nice upmarket italian

    Of the three I’d go for Crafthouse

    If only 3 York Place was still open…

    the only place I’ve experienced that was better was Bibendium in London.

    Now you’re talking

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    As a staunch Yorkshireman I can thoroughly recommend

    2 hours on a train to London for a posh meal

    You can then choose from a selection of some of the best in world


    2 hours on a train to London for a posh meal

    I know East Coast’s food isn’t bad but it’s not thaaaat good. And all this talk of the deco-palace that is Bibendum makes me want to post a pic (again)


    Some very interesting suggestions here for “posh nosh” (or indeed even decent places to eat in Leeds!)

    Leeds has some fine places to eat, but very very few could be considered posh.

    Pool Court was fantastic, but it has long since gone (I worked with Geoff for a while, although not while at PC).

    Anthony’s (while not a favourite of mine) was a good place to impress foodies, but again it closed fairly recently.

    Moving away from posh nosh and into great food but not so posh surroundings, you have far more available. All have been mentioned previously, but I’d consider:

    Sous Le Nez
    Harvey Nics 4th floor (surprised me on more than one occasion with great meals and wine, but have heard lots complaints from friends)
    Foundry (added benefit of having Midnight Bell and Cross Keys (whose food is also excellent) nearby to finish your evening with great booze and a good crowd)
    Gaucho if you want a nice big bit of meat
    RBG is decent but i’d avoid at the weekend when service becomes slow and the noise drowns out all prospect of conversation unless you get a table out the back

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    Sous le Nez for me. Not the most posh place I’ve ever been, but never left disappointed.

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