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  • Pointless bike photo thread #2 – show us your sub 30lb 6″ FS’ers
  • grumm

    Smidge under 30lb…




    It is ‘mildly modified’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Premier Icon P20

    About 28lbs i think,(been awhile since it was weighed – not that fussed) built for xc/trail riding. Almost qualifies at 150mm/146mm

    28.1 lbs

    pimped my ride

    EDIT actually it is that weight with new air forks

    Premier Icon chakaping

    And yeah apart from the Enduro are any of these bikes 6″ travel?

    Yes, it says 6.0 on the frame of my Reign. And the forks are 160mm, which is 6.3in.

    Light weight is important to me, because a light bike just rides so much better than a heavy one, but I know when my bikes are light enough and I’ve never weighed any of them.

    This thread has made me want to, but I’m worried it could be a slippery slope.

    What scales are people using? How can digital ones be inaccurate?

    Links to the scales would be good

    digital bathroom scales. if you really give a **** about the weight of people’s bikes under ISO Compliant conditions then you should probably give up riding bikes and take up a hobby like shooting yourself in the head with a shotgun ๐Ÿ˜€


    it hardly qualifies as a hobby – you can only do it once ๐Ÿ™„


    No idea how to post a photo but my Ellsworth Truth is lighter than all those lumpy old “steeds” above. !!
    That Ventana looks like a Halfords Apollo.


    “How can digital ones be inaccurate?”

    Because when they might say 35.525lbs when the bike weighs 40.321lbs

    All the “digital” part removes is the human error in reading off a scale. The scales could still be inaccurate. The error could be the same for all readings (like an offset) or it may vary as a function of the reading. So it might be off different percentages of the total at different masses.


    26lb 10oz with ergon bar ends and atac pedals. Soon to lose a few grams as I upgrade to formula brakes. XTR rear mech ๐Ÿ™„ , but mostly XT drivetrain otherwise. ๐Ÿ˜€


    Accurate scales at around this weight are very expensive, and need to be calibrated regularly, most household scales will hardly be close BTW.


    Weighed a 09 Enduro FSR Comp today for a customer, not really paid much attention to them this year but it came in at 29.2lb (on Ultimate Support Scales) with pedals(albeit naff plastic ones). Pretty good for 6 inch at ยฃ1600! Only 0.6lb heavier than the Stumpy FSR Elite.

    My little Meta666 play bike fluctuates between bang on 30 and 32lb. picture below is certainly at the fat end of that but its running big Minions and flats ready for the Missus to use it in France – not really much i could do to get it lighter without spending silly money!

    My components weigh 22.5lb then there is the frame to add on ๐Ÿ™

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Ha, neither 6″ nor sub 30 lbs (but it could easily be lighter)


    Not weighed it yet, rider over 200lbs so I don’t really suppose it matters!!

    CaptainMainwaring – Member
    As usual, lots of pointless optimism and inaccurate scales going on here. The only way to acrape under 30lbs for a 5.5″ (140mm) or 6″ travel is to spend ยฃ4000+ on something with a carbon frame, full XTR, Chris King etc, and superlight inappropriate tyres.

    Tosh – ok, my frame is carbon, but still weighs in at 5.5lbs. Nothing is super bling – mostly XT, with Hope Tech M4 stoppers. The only area I’ve really gone to town with is the Roval wheels @ 1590g. You could lose half a pound off the brakes and probably almost as much off the huge Fire FR front tyre. Get rid of the tubes and chuck a set of carbon bars on and I reckon you’d be in the mid 26’s. Oh, it’s a large too.

    No spending ยฃ4k for me. By some selective shopping and buying last years frame/forks etc it’s cost me ยฃ2700. As said earlier though – even the Alu one’s come in under 30lb. Just interested to see how many more out there did.

    BTW – I weighed mine on the bathroom scales and it showed around 27lb w/o pedals and on digital fishing scales with CB Mallets attached 28lb, so I’m pretty sure it’s around there somewhere.

    And finally – for those saying why make a 6″ bike this light? This bike is like my ’06 Enduro on speed. The old bike descended superbly, but half of the time it felt like I was riding through mud – this one feels just as sprightly as my HT.


    I reckon this is 32-33lbs, maybe I could remove a lb by taking off the chain device. The pedals and brakes are dead light, the build kit (thomson) pretty light. Talas 36s are about 5lbs right? and a DHX5, well I could replace it with the rp3 to loose a couple of hundred g’s? Other than that I can’t see much potential for weight reduction to below 30lbs without getting silly light XC tyres.

    You may well get these bikes under 30lbs, with light tyres and wheels I bet you are all mincing around like you should be on a 80mm hardtail!

    ‘koff – the only thing making me mince at the moment, is these Godforsaken clipless pedals I felt the need to try. Foolish me


    Mmm, looking at your original photo I note that the travel indicator on the forks has moved less than 1/3rd of the travel available. Definitely indicating mincing until at least that point in the ride ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yeah – it was all uphill until there ๐Ÿ™‚


    I mince a bit. Took me five aborted attempts until I MTFU’d enough to ride down the steps at the top of Jacob’s Ladder.

    Hopefully a trip to Morzine in 12 days is going to sort me out. ๐Ÿ˜†

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    few minutes on weight weenies gave me the following for a 575 with Air Pikes. About the same as on the bathroom scales. Ignitors maybe a bit light weight but have ridden Dyfi Enduro, Afan, Lakes and 7 Stanes with them okay

    g lb

    frame yeti 575 large 2727.27 6.00
    tyres maxxis ignitor LUST 2.35 1440.00 3.17
    wheel front Hope Pro11 / mavic 819 900.00 1.98

    wheel rear Hope Pro11 / mavic 819 995.00 2.19
    sealant 100.00 0.22

    fork Pike Air 2100.00 4.62
    brakes Hope Mono M4 1100.00 2.42
    saddle SDG Ti 200.00 0.44
    post Thomson 235.00 0.52
    stem Thomson 155.00 0.34
    bar Easton Carbon riser 180.00 0.40
    grips 90.00 0.20
    shifter XT 250.00 0.55
    chain SRAM 300.00 0.66
    cassette XT 295.00 0.65
    headset Chris King 100.00 0.22
    pedals Shimano SPD 350.00 0.77
    fr mech XTR 142.00 0.31
    r mech XT 235.00 0.52
    c/set XT 840.00 1.85 ex b bkt @ 100g
    rear QR Hope 75.00 0.17
    b/bkt Hope 113.00 0.25

    12922.27 28.43


    Ok so it doesn’t quite have 6″ at the rear

    Premier Icon jim the saint

    charliemort – I’m afraid that the grease on the seatpost, the lube on the chain, the longer length hoses needed on your bike and the gear cables weigh exactly 1.67lbs ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Premier Icon johnikgriff

    My bike weighing in at just under 29lbs. I got a real complex about getting it in at under 30lbs when I built it. But when I finshed it was not what I hoped for in performance, no where near as good on the downs as my previous bike. So I swapped the the forks out for Lyrix coils and the RP23 for a Pushed DHX5 coil. It now tips the scales at around 31(ish). Honestly say it is just as easy to pedal up hill, but now flys down them as well. Personnelly I think this 30lbs thing is over rated. Still I had to try for myself.

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