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  • Please recommend an…. all-in-one PC
  • My ideal spec looks roughly like this:

    – 20 to 22″ 1080p screen (not to bothered about touch screen, a bonus if so)
    – Core i5 processor
    – 6Gb plus RAM
    – 500Gb of HDD
    – built in webcam
    – TV tuner built in

    What is there? Dell used to have a good range, but they seem to only sell 27″ screens which is a touch big for me. Acer perhaps?


    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Can I be the first to suggest an iMac? 😉

    [EDIT – no built in tuner, but they look the dog’s danglies]

    Ahh – forgot to say – it will be used to run some software that is Windows-only, and I will need to use the built in WIndows VPN…. so Win7 or Win8 machines only.


    Prodigy from OCUK

    Another one from OCUK

    ASUS monitor from OCUK

    Just watercool it and add a SSD to make it even better … 🙂

    b r

    Do ACER do one, very happy with the 3 laptops we have.

    chewkw – think you may have missed the point 😉 I want to get rid of existing my tower and get an all-in-one to replace it and the current TV and HD recorder and free up some space to boot…..

    br – yes, they do them…. was looking for real world reviews.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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