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  • Please check my 29er reasoning
  • stoddys

    So here goes.
    Long time off riding and back on 2 years ago. Here’s the list.
    Klein atitude race. To giant nrs 2004 and trek marlin 29er ss converted to 1×9.
    I like the full suspension of the nrs ( I’m getting on a bit) I’m not big on down hill. X country mainly.

    When I rode the trek after making it 1×9 I loved it. It felt right had a shorter stem, just right.

    But I want a full suspension frame and only one bike. One that is close on to the trek feel.

    Budget for the frame £450

    I’m thinking 2011 giant anthem, but they are proving to be like hens teeth
    Any other suggestions?
    I need a small

    I plan to sell the nrs and the trek will be the bike I swop the bits to the new frame.

    Over to the collective


    Hold on tight for the Anthem, they do come up for that kind of money occasionally. Check Fulford Cycles on e-bay or phone them, as they often have reconditioned or secondhand frames for sale. Got my last Anthem frame from them at a good price.


    Thanks andy. Email sent.
    Please keep the ideas coming

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    Salsa Spearfish. In true forum fashion I’m recommending what I’ve got….. 😉

    It has a PF30 BB but other everything else should swap over. It’s only 80mm travel so if all you’re looking for is something to take the sting out of rides without carting around a complex bike it’s perfect. A full set of replacement bearings/bushings is £45 for the official kit so not too bad for when they eventually need doing. They got down to about £600 in the sales last year and I sold on my first one (I went from a med to a large) within your budget.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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