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  • pistons pushed out
  • andyhbikes

    Easy they just push back in slowly one at a time hallways use a bleed block when bleeding brakes

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    As above. If they were yours – good excuse for XT’s.

    Lesson learned ! Thanks for the reply


    i always bleed my avids with the new pads in, that way next time you need to change pads theres no problems, so long as your careful and dont spill any fluid also no need for bleed blocks and ive tried it with bleed blocks but in my opinion you get a more consistant bleed using a new set of pads, no messing about then trying to force new pads into the calipers

    Trying to bleed my girlfriends avid disc brakes and have put cardboard in the caliper to act as a block but the pistons have squashed the cardboard and fluid pissed out of the caliper! 🙄 how do you get the pistons back in and how catostrophic is it ? Please be gentle. .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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