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  • Any photography experts out there?
    How do you produce the sequential shots of someone riding (looks to be photoshopped) i.e. same scene in one photo with several overlain shots of the same rider (say on a corner or a drop off etc.)?
    Do you need a tripod or is all the matching done in “post-production”.
    Any nice examples for inspiration please!
    Cheers for the help.

    Setting a camera with a burst mode on a tripod makes it really easy. Layer all the images up in Photoshop or graphics package of choice (images will all be aligned if the camera doesn’t move)
    Get busy with layer masks to show the rider in each layer. I normally show all of the 1st layer, then just reveal the rider in each subsequent layer, keeping the rest hidden.
    Fun times occur when you should be able to see the rider behind through a bit of wheel, or frame or similar (if the rider was riding towards you/away from you for instance)

    Still doable handheld, but a bit more work to do the matching up. I think Photoshop might have an auto blend function that could help, but I’ve not investigated it.

    Sorry, no examples to illustrate with.


    Handheld works okay against a blue sky but is tricky against a complex background. However you might need to pan to get your shot. I this case you need to make sure the backgrounds are matched up using some kind of datum

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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