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    It “could” work. I think if you’re OK with clipless on the road you’ll be fine with them on a mtb.
    Road shoes on a mtb are gonna look pretty weird, you’ll get some odd looks, and good luck trying to walk off road in your roadie shoes.

    I’d look at getting some mtb clipless shoes sooner rather than later.


    Hi All – I recently aquired a Vitus Sentier Hardtail for a bit of XC and light trail riding

    Funkmasterp recommended some Nukeproof Pedals and they look really good for the price

    However……my road bike has some Candy 3 pedals on (I know weird….. they were on when I bought the bike)

    I’m think of going for the Crank Brothers Double Shot Pedals as they’re twin side – so in theory I could use the same shoes and cleats on both bikes

    Now this would be a bit weird using road shoes on an MTB but it would give me some time to learn how to ride the hardtail with clipless and if I couldn’t get to grips with the technical stuff I could still use the pedals with “normal” shoes

    If I got used to riding clipless then i’d invest in some proper off road shoes

    I think this is a reasonable plan…… but appreciate some feedback



    Don’t most road shoes and mtb spd shoes look pretty much identical apart from the sole tread anyway?

    Premier Icon mickyfinn

    Aren’t Candy’s 2 bolt and therefore MTB anyway?


    Are they proper road shoes for your road bike? I’ve tried using road shoes with 2 bolt cleats before and they don’t work that great.

    I think I’m settling on clipless pedals for my Sentier, I love flats but that bike eggs me on more than my flat pedal technique will cope with. I’m really struggling to weight the front enough and drop my heels enough to keep my feet on the pedals when it’s rough.


    The Candy 3’s are a two bolt cleat and they work fine. On my previous road bike I inherited some Look Keo Pedals and these were OK as well

    I think i’m going for the Crank Brothers Double Shot and then i’ll have the same cleats first on the road shoes to try the clipless functionality (if this works get some MTB shoes – if it doesn’t I can wear normal shoes on the flat side)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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