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    I always use Dulux Trade emulsion and I never use brilliant white, just plain white.

    I know the feeling you have, but once it's allowed to dry properly it tends to settle down. There's a lot of water that has to come out and the paint tends to flatten over a couple of weeks. You can usually see the difference in texture between tthe rollered bits and the brushed edges at first, but these also disappear.


    I am thinking of getting a 10L tub of Dulux Trade Super Matt later on and as its going to be cooler tomorrow get cracking with another coat of paint. Would it be worth watering it down a tad to keep a wet edge?


    I have recently had my whole house re skimmed i have allowed the plaster to dry (it took me about 6 weeks to get round to applying the mist coat) have painted a mist coat by watering down some white matt emulsion and now i am painting the final matt white coat on the ceilings.
    I am using a medium pile roller but i am finding that once dry (and even when still wet and when applying the paint) the paint appears to be going on patchy and drying patchy so when the light catches the paint it has an inconsistent finish over the whole ceiling.
    I have given one ceiling 3 coats of paint and still i am getting this issue.
    When you look up close at the patches you can see that its covered ok because you cannot see any pink plaster. And some parts of the ceiling look fine. I am baffled as to what to do or what it could be.
    Do i go for better more expensive white matt emulsion? do i go for silk or satin white paint? should i use a short pile roller? am i painting in the wrong hot time of year (it does get hot in my house and the paint is drying quicker than normal) am i not allowing enough drying time between coats?

    Help! as the weekend is coming up i am going to attempt another crack at painting the ceilings so any advice to make this the last weekend of painting those god damn ceilings would be great!!!

    I've been using leyland super leytex trade a lot recently, it's excellent stuff and very keenly priced. Selco do it for around 15 quid for 15 litres.
    I reckon it's as good as dulux too.

    Have you got a decent roller? Harris, purdy etc, or a cheap supermarket one? Can make a big difference.

    Are you pressing too hard or letting the roller do the work?


    Got a harris medium pile roller and thinking about it, it could be my roller technique as well as other factors like heat (i was painting last Saturday when it was baking hot) and cheap paint.

    Been in the same situation, now i do one coat of watered down white, one coat of normal white (cheap stuff) then whatever your final coat is.
    Seems to get rid of the patchy effect.


    sounds like i could be nearly there then if i get the dulux trade supermatt tonight and slap that on tomorrow.


    have given one ceiling 3 coats of paint and still i am getting this issue.

    We had a load of skimming done and found it took at leat 4 coats to cover it properly: 2 50/50 mixed with water, 2 normal.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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