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  • PassPortes Du Soleil – who's done it before?
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    check this thread out…

    I’m also going from Morzine on Sunday



    see you there strike. we are starting from Morzine on sunday too!


    Yeah did it a couple of years back.. Was a great day. Advice would be to defo fit some nice big alpine tyres, defo go with suspension and gears as, yes, there is a few climbs, although most is down obviously. If your in a big group decide if your aim is to finish or to enjoy it, when I went almost all of the guys were waiting around for each other and we were running out if time, I wanted to complete it, so headed off without them. Oh and don’t tire yourself out the day before. It’s not like a 100 mile enduro xc race but it is tiring!


    I’m starting from Chatel on the Saturday and did so last year. I remember it being lots of fun, great scenery and fantastic food but then I found a blog I wrote in a bar Saturday evening after finishing the whole thing. “it was the hardest thing I’d ever done on a mountain bike”. Its strange but it don’t seem that bad in my mind at the moment and am really looking forward to it.
    Advice, start early, drink lots and lots, try and take it easy on your brakes and don’t act like a Labrador at the feed stations as it will slow you down. Remember it’s a cycle event, not an eat all you can buffet. Enjoy it.

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    Remember it’s a cycle event, not an eat all you can buffet.

    It’s both – and that’s why it’s so brilliant.

    Lay off the booze though!


    My post from the other thread..

    I’ve ridden it a few years running on a Meta 5.5 with Pike U-turn airs (140mm front and back) – for SOME sections I would have wanted a bigger bike, but for the vast majority of it I thought my bike was perfect.
    I did make a few changes from ‘norm’ – 2.5″ heavy Maxxis High Rollers (tubeless)and stuck a 180mm disc on the rear. Both these (IMHO) are overkill for most of my UK riding, but are reasonably cheap and easily swappable.
    I also have a 2×9 and bash, but that’s my norm for the UK.

    I wore a full face one year, lid the next. I felt ‘safer’ in the Full face, but did get pretty hot on the extended climbs and more XC sections, so on balance would wear a lid (giro zen) again, but take the FF for bike park fun!

    Enjoy it – it’s brilliant fun, and is a bit of a challenge to complete – you do need to crack on with it to finish (no mincing)!



    Doing the PPDS in June and just wondered if anyone has any tips/feedback etc? Also planning to try and do the new, extra section.

    We’re starting from Morzine, on the Sunday.


    Good event, first did it as the FreeRaid in 2000 when it was timed… (gravity enduro?)… on the dh sections and did it last year. Def more climbing these days – i did it on a Pitch last year and a Rotwild RDH01 (8″ dh bike) in 2000. Completed all of it in 2000 and missed a couple sections last year… this leads me to believe there was def more dh ten years ago or age has caught up with me! Food and drink is provided at many stations and means you dont have to carry all your supplies, XC lid rather than full face and then as for any riding over there get some bigger volume tyres for the day, but prob not super tackys.

    Good way to find your way round too if you will be there for the week after, esp if you havent been before. Enjoy.

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