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  • Painting a fence… but using those fancy spray thingymabobs?
  • IanMunro

    iirc someone on here tried one and thought it was absolute crap. Sprayed pretty much everything in preservative apart from the fence.


    For a tenner – gotta be worth a try?

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Ian, I think it was me…..

    The wood spray thing was indeed my own personal nemesis. The stuff went everywhere, door windows, shed, neighbours walls, my lass’s bike….. and to top it off the stuff is peeling off the wood. If I did it again maybe a paint roller may be better. The pump up sort were unreliable on pressure and the battery type didnt do much either. Both got the better of me and ended up after a toy/pram moment, smashed to bits in the bin.

    I dread the words “Natural Oak”….

    Unless the bit your going to spray is well away (like 20m or so), and its an absolutely breathlessly still day…


    Used one last year to spray my brother’s fence.

    The coverage was pretty good but you need to be on good terms with your neighbour as the stuff that gets through causes havoc in their garden. Cheap pastic dustsheets from B&Q or Hombase fixed on the other side of the fence would certainly help.

    You also need to ensure that the ‘paint’ is properly mixed and that you clean the nozzles properly after use just like any spray gun.

    It’s not as easy as it appears on the ad but it is easier than a 6″ brush.

    IME coverage is better with a brush. It takes at least twice as long and uses at least 25% more paint though.

    The stuff I like to use is called ducks back. Its too thick to spray on anyway.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Worked really well for me with the Cuprinol (I think) one.

    Runoff and stray paint was minimal – don’t do it on a windy day – coverage was very good and two years later the fence is still looking great.

    The downside is how long it takes to clean the sprayer out afterwards – so make sure you haven’t missed any bits!

    They are the work of the devil.

    I used probably 4 times as much paint because it just didnt cover well at all. Once i got sick and tired of using it i went to a brush and did the job quicker and using much less paint.

    Horrible things


    Morning All…

    My mother is away next week, I’m going to sort the garden out for her as a surprise, the main job is painting the fence which is about 11 standard size panels…. I was thinking of getting one of those fancy spray gun bucket thingymabobs… are they any good? I heard the first incarnations were terrible but they seemed to have moved on…



    they are a bit of a gimmick i reckon,
    can only use thin paints
    a good brush is the only option,
    less faff.


    Who was it on here, who managed to spray their neighbours car with one?

    Used both versions spray and brush in the past.

    Spray seems to get through paint in alarming quantities and unless you have the nozzell adjusted correctly and are spraying at the right distance and have the calmest weather conditions its comical the results you get!

    IMHO, stick with a brush in one hand and a beer in the other 😉

    you need to be on good terms with your neighbour as the stuff that gets through causes havoc in their garden

    Yes my mother in law still talks about how her washing was ruined by the neighbour not taking due care.


    Cheers all…

    Neighbours wont be a problem as its a detached house on 3 sides and field on the other.

    they do look more hassle than they are worth….. MMMMMMM

    Would a roller work?

    Premier Icon ransos

    I’ve got a pump-up sprayer which works a treat, but you must use it on a completely still day. I don’t spray right up to the top edge of the panels – finish it with a brush instead. That way, you won’t spray over the top and coat your neighbour’s car.


    use a dirtworker from halfrauds 😛


    I work in one of the big DIY chains and I have seen loads of the sprayers cone back faulty when they first came out. The problem is that the sprayer itself is a cheap underpowered one so the stuff that goes in it is watered down so it can cope. The best thing to buy is an Earlex (or similar) paint sprayer (about £35) then get proper timbercare stuff with wax additives in it. The coverage is excellent (one coat will be enough) and it’s therefore quicker. Finish will last years too. I sprayed some panels at work this way that were 10years old and they looked like new afterwards. The better sprayer is easier to clean and very reliable. Normally can use them for emulsion inside too.

    Covering down as you spray? Use an old 8 by 4 sheet of timber and move it along as you spray, much quicker and easier than plastic, trust me….

    Premier Icon Richie_B

    Used to use one of those Kilspray garden sprayers for doing fences the only things to remember is that most wood stains & preservatives have some fairly nasty biocides to prevent fungal growth so any over-spray will not react well with plants or grass it comes . You may be better using polythene sheet to prevent overspray rather than dust sheets

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