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  • pace rc41 xc am, any good?
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    As you suggested, you’d be better off with Rebas/Revs – I have a set of RC40s which are similar-ish and despite the extra cost, they’re certianly no better than the RSs, arguably worse (but they do look pimp! 🙂 )

    amazing when they work, woeful if you have a pair that doesn’t want to work for more than 10 minutes. I’ve got two pairs you can buy if you want. they are somewhat maintenance heavy.


    They do look pimp, also very light!! Are they worth a shot at £130!!

    if you have a bit of time on your hands then yes


    If you are happy fiddling in the shed and have the tools then its well worth the money.

    My xcam 40s are in need of a strip and new seals. Gonna pull them apart when I get home. May well take pics to help others out with a guide.

    As stated though, when working well they are great. Really stiff for non bolt through axle too.


    Where are you getting your seals from MarkyG? (Could do with some for my RC39s – my RC40 seems pretty bombproof actually – obviously got a good set)

    i got mine from forkenglish

    I miss my RC41s massively; very plush, beautifully damped, light and stiff. Loads better than their Rev replacements.

    Unfortunately my 2005 model suffered from the upper leg separating from the crown. I think 2006 onwards addressed this issue.

    MarkyG – please do post up pictures – I’d be interested in learning how to do that myself. thanks.


    I’ve got a set of 130mm RC41’s with 20mm axle on my soul and their ace, got em off here s/hand and were previously and about 12months after I got em serviced by fork English,
    Good ones a are ace, bad ones break a lot and are not so ace so it’s a bit of a gamble really.


    Thats a good question. Still need to source them. Going to take measurements and go to a supplier to see what they have.

    If I cant find any then Ill have to get them from Pace 🙁

    Refurbed them once already so new ones are definately needed this time.

    If I am successfull I shout you. Might even get a job lot for others on here.


    Hi all,
    looking to upgrade my current fork, gonna buy secondhand,
    Is the pace rc41 xc am fork any good, read reviews which are mixed, great fork but unreliable!!
    Anyone who has owned one of these or knows about them please let me know,
    Am I better off going for some rock shox rebas,or revelations!

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    As Khani says….
    I own a pair rc41 xcams. When they are good they are very good. When they go bad they are sh!t.
    You will have to be prepared to £100 service charge a year or do it yourself if you can get the parts. They will start to go about 11 months after their last service. Like clockwork. In that sense they are the most reliable for I have owned.
    I have bumped them to my hardtail from my full suss. I went back to riding Fox’s


    I have a set of early DT Swiss XMC 130’s that basically have the RC41XCAM internals in a better made set of externals (the seals in particular seem a lot better than older Pace stuff). They have been great in the year I have been using them – a real step up in stiffness and bump capability from the RC39’s I used before. No issues so far.

    I also have or had 3 sets of RC39 (85mm, 100mm, and 100mmm C-type), and two lots of RC36’s (an Evo and EvoIII I think). All have worked flawlessly except the RC39’s weeping plenty of oil around the seals, and their lockout sometimes refusing to lock. The feel and the weight of Pace forks are excellent, and in my case the worst “mechanical” has been having to adjust the lockout…

    Pace get a thumbs-up from me!

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