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  • trail_rat

    just recieved a p60 end of year certificate from an old job i had while at uni for the year 2009.

    last time i worked for them was september 08 – paid in december 08.

    why therefore have i received a p60 for the tax year ending april 2010 stating that ive been paid XYZ and paid xyz tax ?

    is this normal ? i havnt unfortunantly been paid the XYZ again this year 🙁 id have thought if it was a p60 for last year it would be for year ending april 2009

    any tax men about ?

    Premier Icon Drac

    Probably just a computer churning out P60s and yours had never been removed, still be worth contacting the tax bids to tell them you never worked there.


    from a tax man…. it can't be right. I'd suggest just making sure that your P60 from 2008/09 ties up with the income from your payslips. If it does then you know the full amounts been shown correctly.


    First thing that occurred to me (as an ex forensic accountant) is that someone has kept your payroll account open so that they can pay themselves extra amounts without it getting picked up by anyone. THe payroll says its you, and the tax is paid over correctly but the net pay goes to the fraudster.

    All hunky dory until your combined pay (actual + ficticious) exceeds the higher rate band and you get a tax bill for the difference between teh PAYE amount and 40%. I've seen it happen.

    I'd query it straight away



    I have been on the other end of this…

    One lot of tax people asked for details of my earnings over a 2 year period, I didnt have them so I asked which ever tax office handled my employment, they told me via letter that I had earned xyz at some company I have never heard of, i passed this on to the people with the original query, 2 months later I get a 500 quid tax rebate

    I gave all my correct NI numbers etc, so who knows what happened

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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