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  • tony07

    Orange Five Maxle rear 18″
    Fox van 32 fit 140mm
    Fox rp2 loco tunes
    Mavic 719 on pro 2s
    Shimano xt brakes on 180 rotors
    Shimano hone cranks
    Gamut p20 guide, e13 gring 34 t
    SRAM 991 cassette and chain
    Shimano SLX rear mech
    Shimano SLX Shifter
    Thomson elite stem
    Funn full on bars
    Cane creek headset
    Odi troy lee grips
    Xfusion hilo post
    Selle yutaak saddle
    Superstar seatclamp
    High roller 2.35 single ply front and rear
    Weight: 28lbs or so using dodgy scales


    Boggo basic really. Got shot of the cast iron cart wheels that it came with, and the solid rubber tyres in favour of Nobby Nic and Superstar | Stan’s tubeless. Favoured carbon handlebar, Reverb, plus a Tioga Spyder saddle for no other reason than it looks daft. 50mm stem. Loads of stickers ’cause the finish isn’t that good.

    XC for me then. Can’t quite compete with the 26lb weight, but 29lb seems fine for what it is. Quite taken with it, but then my first proper bike was a Clockwork two decades ago so I’m a bit of a fan of the brand.


    2009 5 pro 20″
    X9 9 speed rear mech
    Xt front mech
    Race face evolve 3×9 chainset
    Sram pg 980 11-34 cassette
    Fizik gobi
    X-fusion HiLo post
    Hope mono mini’s
    Monkeylite carbon bars
    Thomson stem
    Fox talas RLC 100-140
    Mavic crossmax st
    Panaracer fire xc pro 2.1 tubed
    Shimano M540 pedals
    30 lbs on the button according to my cheap scales with crud catcher and RRP neoguard

    After purchasing my first Orange Five frame and transferred all my components over to it I’m wondering what setup other people have gone for (more Enduro Or more XC).

    Please show and tell all….

    I’ll go first;

    Orange Five Strange SL 18″
    DT Swiss EX200 Shock
    DT Swiss EXM150 Forks
    DT Swiss EX1750 Wheelset – 15QR and 135x10mm
    Hope Tech X2 brakes (not in pics yet)
    Avid HS1 180/160mm rotors
    Sram X0 Carbon chainset 2X10spd
    Shimano SLX cassette and chain
    Shimano SLX Clutch rear mech
    Shimano XT Front mech
    Shimano SLX and Sram X7 Shifters
    Chromag Ranger Stem
    Easton Haven alloy bars
    Hope headset and head doctor
    Orange Strange grips
    Thomson Elite seatpost
    Ragley Ti Saddle
    Hope QR seatclamp
    Schwalbe Nobby Nic EVO Tyres – Running tubeless
    Weight: 11.8kg (26lbs) atm without brakes.

    Muddyground your five is stunning mate, especially like the tyre graphics in-line with the rim stickers, nice touch. I’d say that’s pretty light for what you’ve got on there. Not too sure what the stem is doing there though 😉

    Now considering the dropper post, which should make it heavier.


    Had the stem lying around, so used it. Dropper post + Tioga saddle = same mass as the standard post and saddle. Standard components I am sure are made out of pig iron. I only got the dropper as CRC had them for £130 at Christmas. Not sure it is essential. I had Magura forks on my Pace – lovely things.


    I’ve had my Five for about 2 months or so now. I use it for DH, AM and XC and I’m going to race enduro after my exams are done. It is a slightly more beefy setup then the standard, but not nearly as heavy or bad at climbing as an AM.
    It weighs around 29 lbs, but 27 is doable with lighter tyres I reckon.
    Here’s a pic (it may not work, it usually doesn’t!):

    Link if it won’t work Piccy

    Took Five months, but it is pretty much spot on – would have preferred Marzo/RS suspension, but couldn’t find any 2nd hand for a reasonable price.
    Anyway here is the spec – it cost around £1900 (second hand parts / big discounts):

    Orange Five 2011 20″
    Fox RP23 Kashima BV Adaptive Logic
    Fox Float 32 150mm Kashima FIT RLC
    Mavic XM719 on Nukeproof Generator hubs
    Shimano XT brakes (180F, 160R)
    XT cranks
    Nukeproof Electron Pedals
    ZEE 10speed shifter
    ZEE 10speed Shadow + rear mech
    Renthal 36T chainring
    XT 11-36 cassette
    Renthal bars and stem
    High Roller tyres
    Thomson Seatpost
    Charge Spoon saddle
    MRP G2 Mini chain guide


    Only got the Orange as it was heavily discounted to £1,800. I like it but wouldn’t pay £3k for one. Tend to buy bikes every 8 years so could justify it. It gets me into trouble, then laughs at my sheer incompetence.


    33Lds, Frame and CCDB are now for sale.


    Nice looking Five, how are the BOS forks?


    Great, very pleased with them so far.


    2012 five maxle swing 18inch
    Rock shox rev xx
    Fox float RL
    Hope hoops, en521 and pro2evo
    Rubber queen 2.2 and nobby nic 2.2
    Sram x9 type 2 rear
    Sram 11 36 pg ??? 10spd Cassette
    Sram pc10??chain
    Xt cranks
    Hope 32t ring plus hope bash
    Hope bb
    Hope headset
    Hope seat clamp
    Slx m675 brakes with 180mm rotors
    Reverb (125mm 400)
    Charge spoon (soon to be a selle italia flite 1990)
    On one CBC 60 mm stem
    Salsa bend 2 bars
    Ritchey foam lock ons
    Crank bros candys
    Superstar top guide (modified)

    30lbs exactly on digital luggage scales from Argos. It should sneak under 30 with the change of saddle! Not changing for the sake of weight though, was just chuffed to find out my favourite saddle was back in production!


    Mine is built up slightly more on the XC side …

    2011 16″ Plasma Blue
    Fox Float 140 RLC
    Fox RP23
    Hope Pro2/Mavic 719 Wheels
    SLX Crankset
    MRP Lopes Chain Guide
    34T Renthal Chainring
    XTR 9 Speed Mech/shifter
    Thomson Post/Fizik Gobi XM Saddle
    Hope 50mm Stem
    Renthal Fat Bars
    Hope X2 Brakes (183/160)
    Nukeproof Pedals
    Ergon Grips

    I’ve not properly weighed it, but using the unscientific method of getting on the bathroom scales with the bike, then just me on the scales, it was 12.1kg (26.7lb).


    P.S. Yes, that is a gaping hole in the fence.


    Mine was 33lb, 36’s upfront vanR with Ti spring , XTR 1 x 10 , Flow’s,
    Sunline 745 bar and 40mm stem , Hope Tech 4’s …. 😀

    The Tioga saddle is nice, a great way to save 100 grams on a standard 250g ti saddle.

    At 60 odd quid it’s a cost effective way of saving some weight.


    At 60 odd quid it’s a cost effective way of saving some weight.

    Unless you go to the great God of cheapness that is eBay, where it was £20. Rather unsurprisingly it is a harsh ride and would be a big fail on any other bike – but I seem to spend so much time standing up it’s actually not that bad.

    Premier Icon orena45

    2011 frame (qr)
    Rockshox Revelation RLT forks
    Fox Float RP23 Kashima shock
    Mavic EN521/Hope Pro 2 wheels
    Shimano LX cranks + no name bash
    Hope 32t chainring
    Hope top chain guide
    Shimano SLX 11-36 10spd cassette
    Shimano Zee short cage clutch mech
    Shimano SLX 10spd shifter
    Shimano M785 XT brakes (180/160mm rotors)
    Rockshox Reverb 125mm post
    Bontrager Race saddle
    Truvativ 60mm stem
    Sunline 745mm bars
    Continental 2.4″ MK2/XKing tyres
    Shimano XT trail spds
    Lizardskins Peaty lock on grips


    Would like to get it under 30lbs ideally but that’s more of a mental thing as it rides perfectly for everything from big XC to DH, and I weigh sweet FA 😀


    2012 Orange 5 Pro with Reverb, Carbon Havoc Bars, Raceface Turbine Stem, High Roller II 2.4’s, Raceface Bash, Blackspine Chain Device comes in at 32.8lbs 8)


    2012 5 Pro 16″, maxle swingarm
    32 Float RLC FIT Kashima forks
    RP23 Kashima shock
    Mavic XM819’s on Hope hubs f&r
    Rubber Queen 2.2 UST’s
    XT rear mech (med cage)
    XT chainset
    Hope single ring 32T
    E13 LRS+ chain guide
    XT 11-36T cassette
    Hope BB
    S/Star headset
    Easton Haven Carbon bars
    Hope X2 brakes, sintered hoses, floating rotors (203,180mm)
    Thomson X4 stem
    Gobi XM saddle
    30-31 lbs on my and the lbs’s scales

    Rides brilliantly, used on everything from XC to DH and just soaks it up. Could probably do with stiffer forks but they’ve never felt inadequate.

    Unless you go to the great God of cheapness that is eBay, where it was £20.



    2010 maxle frame ( older frame is lighter), revelations RLT Ti thompson 50 mm stem, thompson seat post, flite saddle , xt and x9 dual mix, Hope BB, Hope brakes 160 rotors, very light but suprisingly bomb proof Stans on Goldtec hubs, light spokes, single ply tyres,carbon bar, just under 27lbs with pedals (Medical scales). Second set of wheels tyres for Alpine entertainment.
    Like Nike ” just does it” !!


    I’m clearly doing something wrong, either that or my cheap scales are $#1t.

    20″ 2011 frame
    CCDB with steel spring
    140mm 44 RC3ti coil fork
    Hone double and bash, Nano pedals.
    Saint mech, XT 11-34, XT front, SLX shifters.
    XT Brakes, 180 Superstar floating rotors.
    Flow EX & Pro2 rear, tubeless, dual ply Minion
    Flow & Pro2 front, tubeless single ply Minion
    E13 DRS
    Reverb & SDG Belair
    Hope headset, Sunline V1 50mm stem & 745 bars

    I thought that was a fairly sensible build. How come it wound up at 35 lbs???

    Sounds about right, but it must be a schweet ride!! Very plush..


    2012 Maxle Rear Frame (Jet Black).

    110-150mm 2011 Sektor U-Turns (DP conversion)
    Flow pro 2 evo front
    Mavic 721 Pro 2 evo rear
    Shimano SLX/XT 10 spd drive train
    Renthal Fatbar lites
    Cheap stem – soon to be a havoc stem
    KS Lev

    Not finished building it yet but incredibly happy with the build so far.


    2012 frame.
    Kashima Shock.
    32 Float CTD forks.
    Hope SP pro2 & stans crest rims.
    2×10 2012 XT.
    SLX brakes.
    XT (I think) ally carrier discs (they suck).
    2.2 folding rubber queen front, 2.2 folding mountain king rear inc conti’ skinny tubes.
    Thomson post and 50mm stem.
    Answer pro taper bars.
    Dual chain device (ethirteen I think it was).
    XT spd’s.
    Specialized romin ti saddle (seating bliss!).

    About 28lb.

    I’d like to fit a rubber queen on the rear and change the forks to some 34 floats (reduced to 150mm travel) but there’s not much more worth adapting. Its already far better than I am!

    Specialized Romin Ti : £?? Looks amazing… I want.


    I got one of them more XC biased Fives that nudges in around 28lb… if it wasn’t a spare bike I could probably rape the Gyro for nice bits and go sub 27, maybe even 26… not overly compromised either given it’s a non-taper, 9mm back end one from 2008.


    £80 courtesy of Mrs Mudchute. She’ brill 🙂

    They do a carbon railed version that needs guide ropes just in case the win picks up!

    Its a great bike though, inspires me to get fitter in order to do it justice. If only Orange did a carbon version. A 24lb five would be significant in the mtb world…


    Best go weigh mine now 😀

    well if youre going to resurrect this thread,

    not sure of the weight. Lighter than my Alpine 160, probably 🙂


    30 lb but it has pikes and i have made no effort whatsoever to make it light [ though it is bling]


    2011 Five in Medium
    Fox Float 32 RL Kashima
    XT Levers on XTR Calipers.
    Raceface Cranks
    Straitline Guide with 32t ring.
    DT Swiss E540 Wheelset
    XT Cassette, SLX Shifter, 10 Speed.
    Rockshox Reverb
    SDG Saddle and Hope Lock On Grips
    PRO Atherton Bars with Easton Haven Stem
    Conti RQ BC Front and Maxxis Advantage Rear

    Comes in at 31 lbs.


    Nice.. some great photos above.

    This is a stock photo of mine below which Orange Bikes had taken (my bike was an ex photo shoot bike. – never ridden)

    At the time it was for sale on the Orange Bike site, a few other local dealer “sub” advertised it too.



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