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  • colnagokid

    Tell them it was in your pocket when the taxi ran over it, and youve just come round

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Orange customer service went sh1t a few years ago. Its a shame because they used to be quite good. O2 are OK.


    Vodafone have never failed me (and I am a notoriously bad mobile phone owner – damage them on a regular basis).

    Premier Icon momo

    I’d check the policy/small print, does it state in there that you must claim within 48hrs?


    i suggest you read some franz kafka novels to get yourself in the right frame of mind for the orange “care” experience 👿


    It says at least 48 hours apparently.

    I did try to say it was a Bank holiday……i had no phone……and no idea what the number was.

    The woman said phone box and 118!


    it does say about the 48 hours claim time, but I wonder if you might have an argument under Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999… apparently it has conditions like this:

    The Regulations give a (fairly long) list of examples of terms which may be unfair, including terms:

    allowing the seller/supplier to cancel without notice on spurious grounds

    Premier Icon bruneep

    why did you tell them you broke it on Friday? Why not say that it was done today or were you being honest. 😯

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    In which case I’d claim back all of your money that you’ve paid for your insurance. If when you come to claim you find the cover is not adequate for your needs then they’ve miss sold you the insurance.

    Take them to the small claims court its what I’d do.


    Didn’t realise it had a 48hr claim time till i told them i wanted to claim!

    Have to say my experience with Orange broadband customer service has been excellent. Maybe mobile phone users are more loyal or less likely to make a fuss…


    Broke my Phone on Friday………Trip to London and a Taxi ran over it!

    About an hour ago was the first chance i’ve had since getting back late Monday to call and claim.

    Apparently 48hrs is all you have to report a claim otherwise they won’t honour it.
    So leaving it over the Bank Holiday to tell them means they won’t send me a pnone!
    6 years, and my insurance is paid every month.
    I’m still paying my contract-told them to stick it-£200 to get out!

    Its not moral,but is it legal to give you a claim time limit? Especially as it was over the easter holiday days!

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    They refused to pay out after I accidentally put my phone through the washing machine. Their excuse? “Malicious damage” on my part. Because, obviously, I deliberately put my phone and wallet through the wash to see what happens. Bunch of tossers.


    ring back and say you lost it this morning?


    yeah youll get a different indian man named bob ….who says he lives in shefield but has never even so much as seen a picture of shefield in his life !

    Id be kicking up **** over that like , pretty shocking way to treat a customer. I can understand if it got stolen that 48 hours would be the policy as alot of calls could be made in that time and they wouldnt want to take responsibility for it



    On Wednesday i had several witheld numbers call on a works phone i borrowed (doesn’t work properly so i can’t answer-useful for keeping an eye on calls!)
    My girlfriend had a few calls-it was her phone i used to report it.
    My parents had a call too…………….off orange!

    I called them and they said that although they couldn’t change the insurance details, they would say thankyou for my loyalty and send a phone FOC!
    They did have the gall to comment on the fact i was difficult to get hold off……………..not sure if the penny eventually dropped!

    Not happy with the first point of call……..but at least they did the right thing in the end!

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