Orange 5 with Talas 120/150 forks?

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  • Orange 5 with Talas 120/150 forks?
  • robbespierre

    Has anyone used the above combo?

    Did it work well?


    Think the optimum travel for the 5 is 150 (if it’s a newish one) – not sure it would be very nice on 120? For what it’s worth mines on 140 and it climbs as well as my other bike with 100 travel up front – jsut a bit more effort required!

    Premier Icon Matt24k

    I have a 2011 model 5 with RS Revelation U Turns. This should give a broadly similar set of handling traits but I can run these any where between 120 and 150mm. I usually run them at 140mm but go to 150 on longer descents and 120 on longer climbs.


    Not sure re the 150 as never tried but MY Uturn goes lower than 120 and it is ok

    Only useful on really really steeep stuff [ uphill not down]

    Iirc the orange – all models can go up to 150


    OK thanks.
    Possibly the CTD forks with trail adjust give enough adaptability for climbing without going for the Talas?


    I had the older Talas 150, 130, 110 only used the 130 on steep long climbs maybe twice, the fork locked out at 150 was fine for climbing


    i wouldn’t bother with talas forks at all, once the playing with a new toy period is over you won’t use it, moving your weight slightly forward has the same if not more benefit while climbing than dropping forks.
    oh and floats ride sooo much better too.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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