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  • Orange 5 2×10, what size chain rings?
  • raisinhat

    I’ve seen a 34t ring on an orange 5 with a 1×10 set up, ie. in the middle position, without any trouble. I run at 32t on mine and it’s fine, but I suspect if you start running a 36t with a chainguide, the upper guide would probably have to be pushed quite far back to avoid it hitting the swingarm.


    24 / 34 works nice…

    You can squeeze a 36 on, but the chain can catch on the frame in certain configurations / shifting patterns.


    I have fitted a 34t and it worked. That was running 1×10 though and I have heard that it is changing to the small ring that’s causing problems.

    This is why I went 1×10.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    I asked this question a while back and whilst there are some who use rings bigger than 32, there are also some who have noticed fouling on the swing arm. The conclusion appears to be you can risk it but it may not work (hence why Orange tell you not to bother).

    FWIW this is one of the reasons I didn’t buy a Five.


    i’ve got a 36 on mine and clears, but not by much! I think i’m going to stick the 32 back on.

    Premier Icon manmurray

    got a 36 on mine, good amount of clearance

    spoke with orange when going 2×10 – their line was it depends who did the weld on the swingarm + how much weld they used. some clear fine, others don’t

    bought a cheapy cheap deore 36t ring in case it didn’t clear (has stayed on :))


    22/36 on mine with no issues

    Premier Icon Matt24k

    With regard to fitting a double and bash the Orange website says

    If you are going to use this set-up we recommend using 24-32T ring sizes. Using a larger outer/middle ring is not compatible with our frames

    Has any one fitted a 34t or even a 36t?
    Oh, and don’t bother posting a picture of a filing cabinet as it’s been done to death and is just not funny any more.

    Same here, just moved to 36/22, no issues either. 2011 16″ frame if that helps.


    I managed to squeeze a 34 middle on 2007 frame but had to file corner off swing arm – its only a lump of metal 🙂

    Had the same gypsies from Orange about 2×10 and risked it…38-26 with a MRP 2x and works fine, albeit was damn fiddly to sort out.

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