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  • SiB

    This was a sign somebody had stuck on a tree (laminated A4) where somebody else had hung a full dog poop bag! Made me laugh but shouldnt be a need to do it in the first place.


    Like that, there used to be a local round here who used to photograph the culprits & then stick the photographs to the entrance of our local park, or near where the deed was done.

    Nothing better than seeing a close up of a dog turd & a picture of the owners next to it 😉

    Not sure if it made any difference, but did get the local chatting as to who the photographer was…

    Premier Icon Shackleton

    I cycled around a corner last night to find somebody hanging one on a hawthorn bush that I had cleared of these doggie bags about 8 weeks ago.

    It is now merrily festooned again and looks like a coprophiles christmas tree.

    I stopped and rather pointedly said “looks like you dropped something”. She at least had the decency to look embarased and when I explained where the last ones went she looked puzzled and said she thought the council took them away at regular intervals. She then added that as the area is a tip anyway why does it matter. She didn’t seem to make the connection between her treating it as such and it being in that state! She also said “at least I pick mine up” as if leaving bags of crap on trees is actually the actions of a responsible adult. The area in question is designated and clearly signed as a local nature reserve with bins for dog muck at all exits, major path intersections and bench areas.!

    Sometimes I just want to scream because of all the thoughtless, irresponsible, stupid, self absorbed numpties in this country.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Sometimes I just want to scream because of all the thoughtless, irresponsible, stupid, self absorbed numpties in this country world.


    Premier Icon boltonjon

    After only recently getting back into cycling, i’ve only just noticed this bizarre new dog related phenomenal

    How can a sane and educated person think that wrapping dog turds in plastic bags and hanging them on a tree is better than leaving the unbagged turd on the ground?

    I’ve yet to catch anyone doing it, but my well thought out plan involves untying the bag and throwing it at the owner – and throwing it hard

    I can’t wait to see their face covered in faeces! 😀


    Why bother bagging it up when you’re not even going to take it home…….


    Lots of poo related threads today, good to see on a friday

    These are in fact offerings to the mythical “Dog Poo Faeries”

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    There’s someone round our way who seems to think the right place for little bagged offerings is in my garden waste bin.

    I think I’ve now identified the culprit though, so will be trying to confirm this and get a ‘mailing’ address.

    Premier Icon Jon Hood

    Shackleton – you should have shit in a bag and followed her home and hung it on her front door knob/gate/tree, and claimed you thought that the “council would clear it up”
    If she complained its making a mess tell her her house is “a tip anyway so what does it matter”…

    I wonder, does she wipe her own arse or does she expect the council to pop round for that as well?


    I agree with shit in a bag in the tree being a bad thing, why not just kick the poo off the trail into the undergrowth, dont see the deer and other wild animals bagging it up and hanging it in trees.

    don simon

    And who clears up all this litter that’s being left behind by so called do gooders?


    On another note, why is Horse shit an accepted street/path decoration but not dog eggs?


    Irresponsible dog owners will always be the same and think its someone elses problem to clean up. Without stricter policing of places, which won’t happen n shouldn’t need to happen, the irresponsible lot will continue to be just that.
    Horse turd has got to be worse though, when on the ground that is, it can be strewn across a path or a nice steaming pile can be waiting as you come round a corner, unaware your gonna get a gob full of faeces as your front wheel goes through it and have it sprayed up your back as your rear tyre slops through the pile.
    In killarney in ireland they have loads of horse n carts taking the tourists round n the horse bab was piling up in the street, literally. So they made the horses wear nappies. Might not be a bad thing to spread further round the isles.


    On another note, why is Horse shit an accepted street/path decoration but not dog eggs?

    Dog shit is much nastier cos they eat meat.


    What was the one about a bloke who got covered poop that flicked up from his front wheel and said “I didn’t know dogs ate sweetcorn?”? 😈


    i would rather they just left it where it lay than bag it and hang it in a tree

    Still go to a race or a trail centre and they are full of the crap MTBers leave in countryside

    People are rubbish at not leaving rubbish

    Premier Icon wallop

    Horse poo is just grass, really. I used to pick it up with bare hands when I had horses.


    It’s just dogs. Dogs are the issue. We have too many of them and too many people walking them in places shared with the public. I’d advocate flicking it into the undergrowth to decay but if you’ve seen the quantities of doggie bags hanging in some areas you’d soon see the trails would smell like an open sewer.

    There’s bearly a house near us that doesn’t own at least one dog – seems like it’s some sort of modern “keeping up with the joneses”, not enough smelly, loud, antisocial flea bags in the world – lets keep buying more! It’s not like those who don’t want dogs don’t enjoy being kept awake by the noise, clearing poo of their lawns, tyres, trails, or being barked at at close range by your friendly little fur ball is it eh?

    <ok that might have been over the top but it does make me feel like that at times, I don’t actually mind dogs – it just seems there’s an over-population in residential areas>

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    When I take my rightful place as World Leader, all dogshit will be dna tested, compared to the database and the relevant dog owner will be forced to eat the evidence in public.

    The cost of administration will be paid for by an exorbitant dog tax.

    I love dogs btw, but really can’t stand the majority of dog owners.



    I’ll be the henchman rounding up the offenders, if you don’t mind.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    I’m considering a sliding scale for the dog tax, based purely on personal predjudice:
    Greyhound, Lurchers and all other Longdog breeds will be exempt.
    Anything with orange eyebrows, with the exception of Lancashire Heelers will be in the top bracket.
    Labs are banned entirely, due to a lack of imagination on the part of the prospective owner.
    Jack Russells are fine, but as with Whippets, the owner will be forced to wear a flat cap and smoke a roll up if walking the dog in public.

    Responsible dog owners make the world a nicer place.

    lol@this a dog owner and i pick up and bag if necessary or kick into undergrowth.But what gets me is the turd tree senario,i live in deepest darkest north wales and the turd tree phenomenon will soon be greater than the non feacal tree…there is no effin need for it….bag it or kick it.

    Once caught a rambler letting his dog lay a cable outside my cottage,when confronted he denied it being delt by his hound and started walking off,so i ran inside grabbed a square of kitchen roll pick up the steaming cable ran after him unclipped his rucksack and popped it in and gave it a good,not a happy tourist i may


    a guy was prosecuted near me a couple years ago ago after a photographer took a snap of him decorating a bush twice. investigation found loads of the same make of bags full under the bush but he could only be done for the 2 bags he was snapped dumping. if you bag it bin, it if you dont bag you should.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    bag it or kick it

    I know a lot of councils etc advocate flicking or kicking, but tbh, that’s **** horrible as well. My wee on loves going off the path to have a closer loo at the bluebells etc, no need to flick shite everywhere.


    Nuke. from orbit. only way.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Having owned a dog with a bowel condition and walked it with a squeezy water bottle and kitchen towel to do a proper job of clearing up few things make my blood boil more than an unbagged dog egg. Lazy ********* don’t know how lucky they are picking up a properly formed turd!

    @nobeerinthefridge…read what im writing ‘i live in the mountains of north wales’ so i dont flick shit everywhere for your ‘wee on’ to walk in the f**king tourists do a good job of it them selves.

    plus my friend our biggest shite problem comes from human turds left by more tourists/ramblers/mtb riders,ect …yes real human poo for your ‘wee on’ to stand on,just out of interest when you are out with your family in the countryside and ‘wee on’ wants a dump odds on you didnt pick it up or what about yourself or anybody on here caught short..did you pick your own shite up……………..


    I taught my dogs to go into the undergrowth for a crap by chucking stones at them if they started to ‘Wilko’ anywhere near the path.

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