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  • Old school down hilling!
  • this was posted last year, still had me in stitches,like a few of them as well I guess.

    Brill video!

    I’d not seen that before and I was genuinely laughing for the first half! After that the number of bent bikes, wheels, bodies and bars had me wincing! How the flip did this sport/passtime ever catch on! Its unreal what we inept folk can tear down now with bouncy forks and half decent brakes – I guess I take it for granted sometimes!

    Shows we’ve come a long way in 20 Years!


    bwahaha! what the hell is wrong with those bikes..

    Premier Icon Popocatapetl

    Old school down hilling! 😀 The way it use to be!

    Premier Icon soulrider

    lack of suspension, steep angles, saddles up, shite brakes…
    and seriously shite tyres…
    all added together with a balls out attitude and not much technique..
    makes for some great footage!

    Oh – I forgot to mention the “disgusted-at-myself-bike-chucking-into-undergrowth”. I dont see enough of that nowadays! Possibly a new olympic sport?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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