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  • Old I Tunes transfer, can it be done?
  • redted

    My laptop went wrong recently and after our resident IT expert looked at it, it has managed to restore to a previous version of my laptop from 18 months ago. The one good thing to come out of all this is that it has an old version and the more logical and preferable (in my opinion)version of ITunes on it.
    I now have a new laptop (well an ex employee’s) but I am wondering if it is possible to somehow transfer that old version off my old laptop and install it on my new one?
    If so, how please and would it remain as that version or just auto update to the latest version?


    you can’t transfer it, unless you have the installation files – you could can transfer the library very easily though.
    If you can get hold of the old installation file, it’ll install fine and run as far as I know. There’s no auto update, but it will remind you that newer versions are available (with a tick box option to stop it).

    Try here for an old version (I’ve never used this site, just came up on a quick google search)

    Premier Icon cr500dom

    How do you transfer the library ?
    I have a number of apple devices all seemingly synced to different iTunes on different computers, id love to get all the content on one machine and snc everything to that one ?


    CR that a different question, the library is contain (in windoze) in your “My Music\Itunes” copying that ontop of the new installed itunes folder will move your “music library” over but you can’t do that with several copies and expect them to amalgamate…
    It maybe you can move certain parts of those folders over, to get them all on one pc, but you’ll need to do your own searching to find that out. As it’s not something I’ve ever looked into 🙂

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    If you have multiple libraries you’ll need to import the music, apps, books, videos etc. that isn’t on the nominated machine. (You are going to lose the play lists, star ratings and play counts on the imported stuff, don’t do it if this is important to you).
    Once that’s done you can sync the devices to the machine. It will wipe the content from the portable device.
    Alternately you could try one of the reverse sync programmes and transfer from the portable device to the nominated PC/Mac, this “may” preserve the star ratings and playcounts etc. You’ll still wipe the portable device on first sync to it from the PC/Mac.
    If you go at it Z1ppys way use the library consolidate command in the file menu and see if that transfers everything into one place. Copy the separate libraries to the desktop of the nominated computer and consolidate from there.

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    I have a Mac but I have transferred and combined libraries many times. You can have an issue with purchased music permissioning but stuff you have ripped yourself should be no problem. Just export the songs / whole library and re-import on new machine via USB drive or similar. For the older version of iTunes I don’t see why you can’t just copy the executable accross.

    It’s definitely best to have one master library, on iTunes I have different sync settings for different devices (multiple iPhones and iPad) as they have different memory capacity and different people want different music/movies.

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    Cheers Guys, I`ll have a play later.
    I have an Ipod nano (That’s due a replacement under recall) with a great selection on it, but that library is on an old pc, so I want to retain the library from that pc, but move it on to my new desktop.
    I also have another ITunes on a laptop with a different selection of music ripped to it, that would also benefit from transferring over.

    Basically, Ipod nano, Iphone, Ipad, all with different stuff wanted on them.
    But to have all the music in one place would be cool

    I also have about 500gb of music on separate external harddrives, can I set iTunes to look for music on those drives ?

    (I do really hate iTunes as an interface – great on a mac, useless on a pc)

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