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  • fontmoss

    Following from someone elses thread just wondered if anyone used the hydro pen? I’ve tried muc off demisting spray and not that impressed tbh. Using some vented radarlocks but still mist up. In their defence I’m a sweaty guy and it’s long climbs on cold days that it happens. That said being able to get rid of it would be great. Ta.


    I’m sweaty too and use vented m frames but still fog up from time to time. In the mid 90’s I tried Dr Zogs anti-fog (or something like that) but to no avail so I’m not to believe those sort of things but perhaps they have moved on.

    My solution however is regulary cleaning (degreasing) with neat Fairy liquid at the sink and then a rinse off and buff with a clean cleaning cloth. Alas once you get them mucky again they do begin to mist up again.

    I’ve found the pen to be great at getting mud and water from to run off the lense but it doesn’t help that much with misting up.


    I have been using Adidas evil eyes now for quite a while, never had an issue with them steaming up, brilliant but expensive.


    As above, the pen is for use on outside of lens to reduce water build up and sweaty finger prints etc, it won’t help reduce misting up

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    Following a tip on here a while back, I’ve done the buffing with fairy liquid thing on my jawbones. Works a treat to prevent misting, only need to do it once every week or so.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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