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  • Premier Icon bigad40

    Old M-frame off ebay?


    Wrapz could be just what your after.


    Foakley jawbones for £15 with a case and 3 sets of lenses, seems daft to ruin a good set of glasses off road

    Just search ebay for outdoor sunglasses

    Premier Icon variflex

    Been looking at Oakley Radarlock for road and MTB but am struggling to justify the cost. My Endura Stingrays dont hug my head properly and are always moving down my nose.

    Ideally need something with good deep lenses as always get bugs in my eyes, and also head hugable with interchangeable lenses (clear for MTB night and coloured for road day)

    Any ideas appreciated


    bolle contour safety glasses from screwfix £10, they have a bit of a tint, but are the best value for money glasses ive ever used, why would you need to spend more, they do exactly the same job, as more expensive glasses ive had previously, and when you drop them and scratch the lenses, for a tenner its not the end of the world.


    You dont specify a budget, but my Alpina Twist Four 2.0 VL+ glasses are awesome. They tint almost immediately in the sun, enter the trees and they’re clear again. I’m a contact lens wearer and these things cover a large area with no dirt/flies getting in. They sit very close to my eye-brows so I can get some sweat build up but havent had any steaming yet.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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