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    Just moved into Leonard Stanley and I can see the trails in the woods on the hillside (facing LS) but does anyone have a decent map of the trails in there and surrounding. The stuff I’ve already ridden is sweet so there must be some more…..




    I presume you mean the escarpment of Stanley Wood, Buckholt Wood and Penn Wood ? Whilst I can’t help you with a map I can tell you there are numerous singletrack trails running along the contours and straight down. I know people ride them as I see the tyre tracks and the trail fairys pile up branches against the fallen trees to ride over but I rarely meet anyone else.

    The trails are excellent and probably remain that way because few people know them.

    For starters there is an epic downhill from near the entrance drive to Woodchester Mansion down to Leonard Stanley, unrideable uphill and often a mudfest but at the moment great.

    From the same start point explore across to Selsley common, then explore the bumps and jumps on the common.

    Moving further into the valleys Kingscote Wood through to Horsley is a good run, take the farm track to Kingscote Tythe Barn and then head left past the farm house following the bridle path signs.

    Moving further across Hazel Wood straight down to the exit near the Weighbridge is good. As of yesterday quite overgrown but you will see the singletrack trail clearly. If wet watch out for the wood structure across the stream bed, no grip at all!

    You will not be stuck for good trails.


    Have a look at the triangle made with Chavenage, Nailsworth and Avening. Plenty in there.


    Thanks for the tips

    Was out this evening up and down the escarpment, awesome trails in perfect condition. I have ridden across from the top Frocester toward Selsley before, but it looks like the trail pixies have been out cutting in some super flowy trails. That means more must be in there somewhere. I’ll start to head toward Nailsworth over the next few weeks then and jump into those woods and check it out.

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