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  • B.A.Nana

    I knew a few people at school who were into it, going to Wigan or something. Didn’t interest me in the slightest, I’ve no idea what it was all about either. There was a dress code I think, Spencers slacks or something.

    Premier Icon senor j

    Really good music.(imo)
    I was lucky & had an Aunt/Uncle that went to Wigan all the time when I was growing up.
    They would play me the tunes.
    He used to wear 48 pleat trousers that would puff out when he danced.
    At the time, I thought that was super cool.


    Lots in the media about this and I have to admit it completely passed me by when growing up. I don’t think I even knew anyone in the valleys who was into it and definitely not anyone who went to all nighters. We heard rumours of weekend parties in St Paul’s in Bristol but apart frm Eddie Warning and rugby league I had never heard of Wigan.

    Anyone here into it, the music sounds great a slightly rougher type of Motown and the dancing looks great, would love to be able to dance like that.


    I heard an interview with an American soul singer – can’t remember her name, but she basically said after soul died off in America, the only thing keeping her going as a musician was its popularity in Northern England, and doing gigs in places like Pendle Hippodrome and Wigan Casino. Pretty amazing really.


    My mates went a few times to the Wigan Casino for all nighters,jumped on a bus on friday afternoon with a bag full of clothes (sweaty dancing).They had a great time and I always wish I had gone,but motorbikes and local girls were too big a distraction.
    They could do some excellent moves,very gymnastic 🙂


    Northern Soul … the music that will not die 🙂

    Take a look at this You Tube channel ..

    the culture show last week had a feature on it calling it

    ” The largest underground music scene in the country ” and I don’t think that is an far wrong as you can find soul nights all over the country all the time, if in doubt take a look at the listing here..


    Premier Icon ton

    massive soul fan here, fed a diet of it in the 70’s from my 2 older sisters, who were regulars at wigan casino.
    I never went, I was bit too young, but I go to northern soul nights when they are on locally.

    fantastic upbeat music. this is my all time fave.


    Went loads from 81. Just missed Wigans closing bash but the scene was quite vibrant then with Leicester, Cleethorpes, Rotherham, Hinkley, p’boro to name a few.

    Did get to see quite a few live performances at the Hinkley niters such as JJ Barnes, Major Lance, Eddie Holman, Junior Walker to name but a few.

    Preferred modern soul compared to the 60’s music such as


    yeah I’m a massive fan got a huge collection of vinyl too, was big into scooters as well when younger, still my fave type of music and always will be. Not a huge fan of the newer stuff though

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    My favourite:

    Have friends who are fanatical and still go a the odd do at Blackburn.
    Used to go to the nighters at the Ritz a few years ago.
    Love the friendly atmosphere and the good time vibe.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Love the dancing – not necessarily the OTT stuff with almost breakdancing moves, just the fancy footwork stuff. Looks like a lot of fun. As for the music – prob not what I’d choose to listen to, but in the right situation would be great (similarly modern ‘dance’, wouldn’t put that on to listen to but the few times I went to proper clubs when I was younger, the music was spot on)


    They used to play a lot at Scooter Rallies in the 80’s …so all the classic tracks are burnt into my brain !


    My mam and dad had it on all the time at our house when i was growing up. And the car. It was always on at my aunty n uncles too. Me, my brother and my cousins would shake a leg in the living room whilst the parents laughed at us. Good music, good vibes, good memories.

    Premier Icon trout

    Loved it made one Wigan Casino do before it closed down
    still got some boxes of 45s in the loft inc Tons choice above .

    Was big with a cohort at school who seemed go head off to mysterious ‘all nighters’ at weekends – not a chance of me being allowed to go, liked the music but was diverted by the electronic/industrial scene in Sheff.
    Robert Peston came across well in the Culture Show film, seems like a good crowd to be around.


    The Culture Show program was brilliant. I never rated Paul Mason before, but he got it just right on this one.

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